What is your story?

This is really very interesting.

Years back, I had read the article in hbr.org and in few other blogs the need and importance to have a story, a narrative built around yourself, that beautifully summarises and in a way defines who you are as a brand.

This made me think about what would be my story if I am asked this question, by anyone. I then wrote what I consider as my story.

Broadly, three things have defined my life – background, bankruptcy, and going beyond.

Whatever I am today, and whatever my plans for the future are, are defined by these three words. Whenever anyone asks me the question, ‘what is your story? I share my story on the basis of the above three in an interesting way. Every time I have shared my story, I have found that people are keenly engaged, and do have a number of questions to ask me.

Am sharing with you the article that I read in hbr.org, and Inc magazine on the subject.

By the way, what is your story? If you are keen, please do share.

What’s your story


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