Released but still in jail … #WhoKilledAarushi

Every time Krishnan and I see Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, parents of Aarushi, on TV or in a newspaper, we become very emotional. We don’t know them. We didn’t know Aarushi. We certainly don’t know if they are guilty or not guilty of murdering their only child on May 16th, 2008. I guess we become emotional because its hard for us to believe that any parent can kill their child and even if it happened in a fit of rage, they can never forgive themselves. Also, we have been watching the media circus over this murder and its unbelievable that a police force can be so incompetent as the UP police proved to be and senior officials of the police department tried every dirty trick in the trade to malign the parents and the young girl who got murdered.

For those of us who do not know the truth, a few things glaringly stand out –

  1. The Talwars didn’t run away – if they had committed the crime, the least they would have done is to leave the house and go create an alibi. They didn’t run away at any time – when the police accused them or the CBI said not enough circumstantial evidence or any other opportunity that they had …. no one likes to look forward to jail time, except those who maybe killed if they live outside.
  2. The jail inmates flock to them – remember the Nirbhaya case? There is humanity inside the jails too because not everyone in a jail is a hardcore criminal. One of the accused in the Nirbhaya case was found hanging in his cell and one of the other four spoke of how they were lynched by other inmates. Dr. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar have been providing dental treatment to the jail inmates at Dasna jail since 2013 … why do that? If they were guilty shouldn’t they have been spending all their time trying to get out ?
  3. Why weren’t the leads from the Narco tests followed up? Even if those other two people’s Narco test tapes were not admissible as evidence in the court, why didn’t the police and CBI follow up on those guys? Who knows what clues were still there after all the botching up.
  4. All their friends and family have stood by them right through … Friends and family are a barometer during these times. Salman Khan’s father may apologize on behalf of his wayward son and the (late) Sunil Dutt may have interceded on behalf of his son Sanjay Dutt but the Talwars were not celebrities. They were normal, usual kind of people and friends and family run away when a murder rap looms over normal people. Not one of them deserted them.

We were watching some of the reactions of senior advocates, CBI officials and some of the celebrated police officials on Oct 12th when the verdict was to be announced. None of the celebrated police officials were willing to accept that their UP colleagues botched up the case. After they were acquitted, one of the gentlemen said “this is not an honourable acquittal” … really ? According to a Hindustan Times article the high court judge had this to say “…and the whole genesis of the offence was grounded on fact that both the deceased Hemraj and Arushi were seen by Dr. Rajesh Talwar in fla-grante and thereafter like a film director, the trial judge has tried to thrust coherence amongst facts inalienably scattered here and there but not giving any coherence to the idea as to what in fact happened (sic),”. Film director indeed. It did feel that way.

The trial judge pronounced them guilty and put them in jail for life in 2013…. and four years later is when the high court judge acquitted them. What will this high ranking CBI or police official have to say if they do find the culprit and its not Rajesh and Nupur Talwar??? “Sorry”?

Today the Talwars are being released from jail, but I don’t think it matters to them. They still don’t know who killed their little girl and IF they are indeed their daughter’s killers, then they will never be free. Either way, till the truth is out, they will never be free.

Life is strange. The karmic cycle will deliver justice even if the courts don’t…. and that’s how it goes on.




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  1. Totally agree, UP police messed it up..there was press conf. after 5-6 days of the murder and the police officier, who was leading the press conf., forgot about name of Aarushi..i mean he did not even know/recall the person name, who has been murdered/victim in this case.


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