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Saffron Risotto ?&*#@

All those special characters are in the title because am surprised that I made Risotto at home and got it nearly right !! Krishnan and I love the Risotto but I always thought it was something exotic and cannot be made at home. We would go to Tonino or Flavors and invariably eat the Risotto and polish off a bottle of Tobasco :):). Italians, please forgive us… we like some spice in the food.

So today when I felt like eating Risotto, I resorted to checking the OPOS forum on FB and saw that there were a couple of posts about Risotto. Then I googled the recipe…. suddenly a Eureka moment, when I realised that the Risotto was  basically the OPOS Mac n Cheese recipe with the Macaroni being substituted with that special Italian rice, Arborio and unlike the American way, it wasn’t smothered in cheese.

I didn’t have Arborio rice at home so I substituted with Ponni boiled rice.

Here’s the recipe I followed –

Disclaimer – Please follow the OPOS school page on Facebook. This recipe follows the OPOS (One Pot One Shot) methodology, developed by Mr. Ramakrishnan and the United By Food group. Please DO NOT try it without knowing the basics. The results will be very different. 

Layers in a 2 Lit Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker –

2 TBSPs of butter
1/4th cup onions
1 C Ponni Boiled rice (Drained. I soaked it in hot water for 20mins)
1/4C peas and capsicum – used the veges sparingly
Salt to taste
Saffron strands
A few Tulsi leaves for the Basil effect
1 and 1/4 Cups of water

Cook on high for two whistles. Wait for the pressure to settle. Open and add 1/2 C of grated cheese. I used the regular Amul Cheese.

Krishnan and I scraped off every last bit of the Risotto :). We had bought a bottle of the Bhot Jolokia sauce (super spicy chilly from Nagaland) and used it instead of the Tobasco. The Bhot Jolokia wasnt all that hot, maybe because it was made into a sauce. This Risotto tasted really good. Infact Mom ate it as well and usually she doesn’t eat Risotto when we order it in or go to a restaurant.

Am sure the purists will scoff a bit at this attempt, but the point is, it tasted genuinely close to the Risottos that we have eaten at Italian restaurants in India. Am sure the Arborio rice would have made a huge difference and I will try it again with that.

Super thrilled that I could make this at home…. one more restaurant favourite is now home-made, thanks to RK and OPOS. Yippee !


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