50+ dead… for no rhyme or reason

At first the news said 2 people dead in the Las Vegas shooting…. till I saw the news just now. 50+ people died without any reason, just because no politician wants to bring gun control. I am far away in India, but the news has made me really sad. What will the loved ones of those who were killed be feeling ? It’s tragic. And it was completely avoidable, This is not a terrorist attack. It’s somebody who just bought a gun legally because he could and shot people dead. I don’t feel like writing about this.

I have just three statistics – 

God is scared to bless America… he might be shot dead. 

Well 50+ people have died in many people’s lives …. will you bring gun control ? 

RIP all the 50+ people who died today. Hope you didn’t die in vain. :(:(

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