Waved out the Microwave

We bought a microwave 15 years back and ever since then, it has been an important appliance in the kitchen. I initially used it just to reheat stuff, then to cook rice. Then I figured out I could steam vegetables in it and then discovered roasting papad and “vadaam” without oil. All was well till Appa passed away in 2008 and we came in contact with (late) Dr. Vijaya Venkat. She kept telling me that microwaved food was bad for our health. I didn’t give it up then. 

Then I read several articles that again spoke of the harmful effects of microwaved food. The final straw on the proverbial camel’s back was the use of plastic containers in the microwave. I have almost removed plastic bags from our home … we have cloth bags for all our shopping. I have steel bottles for water. The only plastic still in use was for the microwave. I then started reading articles related to the plastic microwaveable containers. Even the plastic containers of well known brands like Tupperware were not fully safe to be used in a microwave. So I bought a few glass containers, still trying hard to keep the microwave. 

Finally, I read an article that said, plastic was found in drinking water across the US and many other countries :(:(. I called an e-waste company the very same day and handed over the microwave. Life is a lot simpler and the kitchen a lot less cluttered in the last couple of weeks. All the food gets cooked in steel vessels or the OPOS way, in a steel pressure cooker over a gas stove or the induction stove. I just have to get rid of the Tupperware water bottles – the last bit of plastic that’s in everyday use. The rest of the plastic in use is just the containers that store dry groceries. I will have to keep some of them because Amma is very uncomfortable with glass bottles. 

The jury is still out on whether microwaved food causes cancer or not, but the plastic containers certainly are a no-no. So if you want to continue using the microwave, please switch to glass containers that don’t leach harmful BPA. 

Safe cooking and stay healthy folks. 

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  1. Good going… even we replaced plastic bags with the cloth and jute one’s however the microwave is still a part of us … yes plastic containers for heating has to go and of course the water bottles didn’t stuck me … seems I still have long way to go 👍


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