Blessings early in the morning…

Amma and I went out for our daily walk today thinking we would do just one round (1.6 kms) as my yoga teacher was expected at 6 am. Just as we were getting down in the elevator I got a message saying the yoga teacher was not coming today. So we decided to do our complete walk. There are several regular morning walkers and we always greet each other. Today was no different, 

In the third round we met the old Nepali couple. Aunty had turned the corner but uncle stood just before the turning. He asked me to come over after I said “Namaste” and I walked over thinking he wanted to ask me about something. He told Amma and I that they were returning to Nepal in a couple of days and will be back only after 4 or 5 months. Then he told Amma, “Your daughter is really nice, and she speaks nicely. There are many other people who don’t even return a greeting when we meet them during our morning walk. Your daughter will do very well, she has good manners and a good heart.” My mother was beaming, and I was thrilled to be appreciated. He blessed me saying I will have a good life !!

It was really special to be blessed by someone elderly whom I had just wished with a “Namaste” during our morning walks. He doesn’t even know my name, I don’t know which apartment they live in and we have not really had any long conversations. Well, this was a throwback moment to my growing up years – Dad would insist I say Namaste to any elders that I met on the road and even unknown uncles and aunties would appreciate if I was doing something good or chide me when I was doing something wrong. Today, the security guard in our building was hauled up for admonishing a brat …. the society played a big role in bringing us up but over the years we have removed the society from our child’s upbringing. I have noticed young kids not holding the door of the elevator for an elderly lady :(. I have noticed young kids speaking rudely to the drivers and security guards. Young ladies and young men in their 30’s don’t return a greeting from the older generation.

Besides this Nepali couple there is another really old gentleman who comes out for his morning walk and makes it a point to greet every morning walker. While the older generation returns his greeting, many of the 30 year olds just don’t bother and the same young mothers and fathers worry about their child growing up without values ….. values are taught at home. It’s basic courtesy to return a greeting and we seem to not teach even that to our children. It’s no wonder we have a society that values just money, things and power. Terribly sad to say the least. 

Tell your children to greet elders and you at least return the greeting … it’s just good behaviour and it teaches your child to respect the elderly. Don’t come at me with the number of elderly rapists, paedophiles and crooks. Teach your child to know the difference. The number of young rapists, paedophiles and crooks is anyway far higher. 

Thank you uncle for your blessings, it made my day and my mom is so thrilled to hear good things about me. Parents sometimes behave like their child hasn’t grown up at all :):). 

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