The OPOS life – Akki Roti, Rosogolla and VLM veggies

Like I have mentioned in several of my food blogs, OPOS (One Pot One Shot) is a cooking method that’s been developed by Mr. Ramakrishnan (Ramki or RK as he is known popularly). It’s truly a revolution because it’s cooking without the drudgery of spending hours in the kitchen. The best part about OPOS is, it gives you enough confidence to try any cuisine and any recipe.

I love Akki Roti – the rice flour Roti that I was introduced to in Bangalore and my dear friend Bala has had a tough time ordering food for me because I would ask for Akki Roti and it’s made in the restaurants only in the evenings :). Yesterday I made it at home for the first time and it turned out to be absolutely delicious. The challenge with Akki Roti is to roll it out or even to pat it into the shape of a Roti because the rice flour has no binding agent like gluten in wheat flour. So the dough balls would just break apart. Enter OPOS. I used the Autolysis method for non- glutinous flour. I used the Nirapara brand of idiappam rice powder. Mix it well and keep it aside for 15 minutes. I used the time in between to make the OPOS HSB Kurma.

I took a plastic sheet and spread some oil on one side and used a little bit of water to wet the rice flour balls. Folded the plastic sheet over and rolled out the rotis. Just made a small hole in the centre to pour a few drops of oil as I put the Roti on the Tawa. I could roll out really thin Akki rotis, but you can make them slightly thick as well. They take a while to cook, almost a minute and a half for each side. I also covered it with a lid.

A week or so back I made Rosogolla for the first time – again thanks to OPOS. I used store bought paneer and used the following recipe to make it. Making sweets at home is something that I have stayed away from since its time consuming, but with OPOS I don’t mind trying some of the sweets especially because its super quick ! No, we are not suddenly developing a sweet tooth, but its the confidence to experiment and make all these things at home that’s making me try them.

I tried making them again when my cousin Danam and her husband came home but the paneer was a little dry so a few of the Rosogollas split. I turned it into Cham-Cham by pouring condensed milk over the drained Rosogollas.

The last OPOS technique that am almost addicted to in the past few weeks is VLM –  Very Long Marination. Have been marinating beet root, potatoes, bottle gourd, carrots and green chillies – it’s so easy to make a curry everyday because the vegetable is already cut and ready !! I will take a few pics when I get the next batch ready – stuff has been flying out of the fridge too quickly for me to take pics.

Enjoying the OPOS life.

Note : Please learn the OPOS techniques before attempting any of the above. If you want to learn please join the OPOS school page on Facebook. Please do not attempt without having the standard equipment, measuring cups etc. You can also buy the book OPOS Cookbook – 5 minute magic on Amazon. 

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