Rationally Irrational 

First a prayer for Gauri Lankesh – may her soul find its way home and may her last journey be peaceful. If her belief system does not include a soul, then may she rest in peace. I did not know anything about Gauri Lankesh till I saw the news item this morning about her murder last night. Killing anyone for a different point of view is unacceptable, however unpalatable their views are. 

As we are off Facebook and Whatsapp, I looked at Twitter and saw that a war has broken out between so called “rationalists” and the “irrational” bhakts!! I then saw references to Dabholkar, Kalburgi and Pansare, the three others who were unfortunately murdered in a similar manner. I started reading a few of the older articles regarding these gentlemen, because again, I hadn’t known anything about them until I heard the news of their murders. 

I think I am a rational human being, even though am a fan of Mr. Modi. I also believe that I am a balanced person who neither leans left nor right …. truth be told except knowing that “left” means communist, I have difficulty understanding what is right in what is left of politics :(:(. Probably a JNU or St Stephens education could have helped me evolve, but now it’s too late. So in my limited rational thinking, I saw these interesting facts – 

1. Mr. Narendra Dabholkar was 68, Mr. Govind Pansare was 82, Mr. Kalburgi was 77 – when each of them was murdered. Two of them in Maharashtra and one of them in Karnataka. None of them had created any Anna Hazare kind of movement that threatened the “Hindutva” elements in anyway…. but in all these cases, it was presumed that some “Hindutva” right wing activist was involved. Presumption is not a hallmark of rational behaviour

2. Even before Ms. Gauri Lankesh’s blood ran cold, Mr. Rahul Rajiv of the CONgress party allegedly knew that RSS was behind the murder … it’s his party’s government in the state of Karnataka. The CM doesn’t have to do anything (as always) but just arrest some RSS sod according to his master’s deduction. Presumption is not a hallmark of rational behaviour. 

3. Last known to her friends and colleagues, Ms. Gauri Lankesh seems to have been working on exposing some gory details of the Siddu government …. and she is killed before she publishes anything. What had she stumbled upon ? And where is the “Hindutva” angle in a CONgress drama?

4. When nearly 60+ RSS workers get murdered in Kerala, and the state machinery can never find the culprits… are we to presume that murders of some Indians is less important ? Presumption is not a hallmark of rational behaviour.

5. What some of the so-called irrational “bhakts” wrote for Ms. Gauri Lankesh on twitter and elsewhere is unacceptable…. just because she had a different world view her life is not less valuable. In the same vein, just because RSS workers have a different world view their lives are not less valuable. A rationalist cannot be leaning left or right is how I think, and I could be wrong, 

6. Just like in economic offences, you follow the money, in political murders, I follow the beneficiary. Who benefits the most by killing Mr. Dabholkar, Mr. Pansare and Mr Kalburgi so late in their lives ? I am unable to come up with a clear answer. Ms. Gauri was much younger and very active in the state of Karnataka … which has been so terribly mis-ruled by this CONgress CM that even an irrational fan won’t vote him back to power!! So why will a opposition party want to kill her and spoil their chances ? It rationally doesn’t add up. 

That’s the limit of my rational observations …. 

Am still seeing Ms. Gauri Lankesh’s body lying on the porch of her house as shown in the news channels and am really sad. A request to the news channels – please don’t pass a judgement just because you have a satellite dish that beams whatever you say. And Twitterati – be a little compassionate when you post your views. A life has been lost, but her friends, siblings and other near and dear ones are reading all the muck. Remember Ms. Gauri or the other three gentlemen or the RSS workers were not terrorists, they all were just people with a different point of view. Whoever committed the murders, must be found and hanged – they have no right to take a life for any reason and continue living theirs :(. 

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