A month of social silence :)

Ever since we went off social media in September 2015 for a month, we have made it a habit to take a month’s break each year from Facebook and Whatsapp. We aren’t less social, we just don’t look at these two media. September is also the month we travel, so it’s convenient to tune out. 

This year too we had booked a retreat in Nepal but with my mom-in-law passing away, we didn’t feel like travelling. So we decided to take a vacation where we live and where we feel at home – Delhi NCR. We are going to all those places that we haven’t seen in Delhi-Gurgaon-Noida and for history buffs like Krishnan and I – it’s a dream come true. 

I have decided to continue blogging but I will be tardy in my responses to the comments …. am on vacation :):). 

September is also our anniversary month and we do our annual life review – our goals, our way forward, what we did well and where things didn’t go as well. It keeps us on track and helps us to change course where needed. Marriage is the deepest partnership one forms in life and this kind of review once a year helps to keep it strong, special, vibrant and on course. Would certainly suggest all couples to do something like this because over time one tends to take the other for granted and the relationship doesn’t have the same charm as before. Keep doing things to keep it fresh, keep it special. Those who choose to stay single can do the review anyway because it’s just a good way to re-energise and renew oneself, 

I also use this month to catch up on my reading – I am reading all the time, but whatever time I get away from social media (and it’s a lot), it goes into reading in this month. Last year I managed to read 8 books, hopefully I’ll read more this year. 

Have a good month everyone ! :). 

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