Preventable loss of lives, Independence Day and “Grand-Maa” is back !

The Gorakhpur tragedy is not a one off incident and that is the real tragedy in India…. there is an annual loss of lives that is a preventable loss. Come winters, Delhi and other parts of Northern India will see a spate of deaths, that are completely preventable by sharing warm clothes with those who dont have it. Goonj ( has been fighting a lonely battle in this area and while their work has increased manifold since the good old start of 67 clothes 18 years back and still the deaths continue unabated. I have a simple question to the political leaders of this country – can’t we ensure that this year no one dies in the winter due to want of warm clothing ? Thats a small “Sankalp” that can turn into a “Siddhi”. Can Kejruddin and his brothers raise above political divides and just do this for the nation?

While the Gorakhpur tragedy is a God sent “opportunity” for the opposition parties in UP, can the intelligent citizens of the country wake up and smell the pattern? The fact that 70+ children died in a hospital is irrefutable and unforgivable, but all that the opposition parties and their media companies are focusing on is on a “Muslim” doctor who allegedly was the only one to help. I am not even getting into the veracity of these claims that keep changing every hour, but I have a problem with this religious divide. Here’s how the pattern is being played out, see the following tweet from a much-slapped-journalist who has been buying truckloads of Burnol to cool his backside ever since NaMo has become the PM –

While I understand Mr. Sar-De-Sai’s pain, and purportedly he is pointing out what Re-rant-public TV and Times Now’s surveys, the point is – when the PM spoke of a “new” India, the media houses and other HMVs are trying really hard to keep, the “old” India alive, the “old” India divided on religious lines and any other line that one could draw over it for votes. Mr. Sar-De-Sai has very little of his spine left so forgive his bending over … and always remember his role in the cash-for-votes scam. The weight of whatever he allegedly made at that time bending on his “left”  is why he lost his spine. The unseen veil over his wife’s face is also well known and admired. Enough said.

The dangerous pattern is to extend every tragedy, every unfortunate incident into the realm of division and use that to garner votes. The opposition and their media houses seem to have a collective aneurysm because they are not able to see that the “new” India doesn’t care for these things. The “new” India took birth in 2014, whether anyone likes it or not, so all the rantings are having no effect on NaMo’s ratings! The other pattern to look out for is the same cast of characters in the movie titled “divide and rule” – Mr. Sar-De-Sai, Mr. Varadarajan, Ms. Dutt (though she is embroiled with her mothership’s step treatment of her), Beloved Kejruddin (What? you didn’t know ? The name change is to offer solidarity), on-the-wall between a Kabristan and a Shamshan Mr. Gupta, the obnoxiously demented Mr. Aiyar and so on. I need a break to rinse my mind, especially after speaking of Mr. Aiyar.

……… Can any “Gandhari” follower of Mr. Kejruddin explain why he wanted to put a case against the CM and PM regarding the tragedy in Gorakhpur ? I have a request for the eminent lawyers of this country – please develop a law that allows people to file a case against themselves when they act unconscionably. Kejruddin should file a case against himself for allowing Gajendra Singh to commit suicide during his rally in 2015, and a second case for crying really hard for the now court proven non-dalit Rohith Vemula who also committed suicide and for paying Ram Jethmalani using the tax payers money for a personal case and …

What happened in Gorakhpur is a tragedy and till we spend time fixing the underlying causes for it – all this ranting is useless.

Close on the heels of the Gorakhpur tragedy another tragedy unfolded on Aug 15th. While many people were sad and deeply disturbed due to the Gorakhpur tragedy, the flash floods in Himachal, the non-flash floods in the North-east and the annual floods in Bihar – some folks started to speak about not celebrating the Independence Day ! Am just posting what I wrote that day on FB –

“There are some posts today saying we should not celebrate our Independence Day today because 63 children died in Gorakhpur. Their death is certainly not acceptable but if this should be the reason for not celebrating an important milestone like the Independence Day – then we shouldn’t have celebrated in 1947. Official figures are that nearly a million deaths happened due to partition – unofficially the number is 2 million plus lives lost over a piece of land 🙁🙁. There was nothing to celebrate. More recently did we stop celebrating our Independence Day after the 1984 Sikh riots, right here in the capital ?? Or when 59 people died in the Upahar cinema fire ? Or when Kashmiri Pandits were displaced ? Or when 2900+ (official) Muslim brothers were massacred in Nellie, Assam ? 

It’s terribly sad to see intelligent people letting their hatred for one man dictate their social discourse. I have just one request – forget the man for a minute, see his actions over the last three years dispassionately and without bias as though it’s happening in some other country. If you still think it’s all wrong, God save you truly. The numbers have been validated by every agency you trusted in till three years back. I am ok not to celebrate our Independence Day mourning this blindness in some of my fellow citizens.

It’s no use talking about what hasn’t been done in Gorakhpur or elsewhere – let’s fix what needs to be fixed. Who is stopping you ? Certainly not the man you hate. So stop wasting time deriding him – fix what you can.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind ki Sena.”

The Independence Day celebration is to offer tribute and respects to the men who guard that very independence at the borders, the seas and the skies and those martyred. So not celebrating it means their sacrifices are in vain. There will be no country left for you to cry over if the men in the armed forces did not stand guard putting our lives ahead of theirs – and let no lowlife come back with the comment that they signed up for it.  The lowlife who made that comment should be left in the valleys of Kargil at the height of winters without a sweater to cover his sad ass. Yeah, sounds inhuman, but that particular lowlife is inhuman.

Independence doesn’t come cheap. No one is expecting parents of the children who lost their lives to celebrate anything, or for that matter anyone who has had some unfortunate death or other loss. But as a nation, the Independence Day has to be celebrated.  No ifs and no buts.

Now some fun(ny) stuff … Dear heirline-receding heir went to Siddu land and inaugurated “Mommy’s kitchens” in one city out of the many cities in Bengaluru. The poor young man probably suffers from memory loss and forgot that he was back in India and isn’t inaugurating his maternal grandma’s kitchens but his paternal grandma’s kitchens. What a tall leader Superstar Siddu is able follow and be inspired by. His “foam” shall flow into Bengaluru forever!! Amen. I am in awe of Superstar Siddu – he has taken the right decision to rename 100 schools in the many cities of Bengaluru after the heir’s paternal grandma while he still can. Smart and courageous man. No one else has been able to say “catch me if you can” to villain NaMo and still remain elusive to the long arms of this freed animal called “law of the land”.

Here is the “whisper” choice of the week – The Supreme court bench hearing the Kart-hee’s FIPB case apparently told him to meet the CBI. Some words they used are so sweet – “You (Karti) are so clean that you will not appear. You are so good that you don’t want appear… now tell us, when will you appear,” the bench asked, adding “We don’t know. We don’t want to touch (facts). Tell us, do you want to appear or you do not want to appear”.” Poor dad Chidu-Kart-Chee was pacing the corridor outside while Mom was keeping a brave face inside. Am no one to say anything to the Chief Justice of India but looks like baby Kart-Hee is scared and wants uncle Gopal to be with him when he meets with the CBI uncles. What if CBI uncles are truly free like their master “law of the land” and not under the control of the Home Minister like they were when daddy Chidu-Kart-Chee was the HM ? Things were so nice then, all the uncles were good. This villain NaMo has brought out their worst side by releasing their leader “law of the land”.

Thus ended the last week… if time permits do read the following articles besides just listening to all the HMVs.

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