Hay made her own Sunshine !

I first read her tiny book “You can heal your body” in 2004 and then the book which has become a bedside companion ever since – “You can heal your life”. From being raped when she was a young girl, to overcoming cancer without any medicines and living a full life that inspired millions to … Read more Hay made her own Sunshine !

A women’s week !

Last week has been a week of elation for Indian women…  First an unknown woman called Shayara Banu stood her ground against all social pressures and asked the Supreme Court for justice. The Supreme Court did do justice by giving the verdict against instant triple talaq. This was a victory for women in terms of … Read more A women’s week !

My first ever “Modak”

Written on Aug 25, 2017. Edited on Sept 2, 2019. Happy Ganesh Chathurthi everyone !! Ganesha has indeed done his job today by removing a major social obstacle in the form of Baba Ram Rahim by putting him in jail. It’s unbelievable though, that the Haryana Govt was caught napping and all of us are … Read more My first ever “Modak”

Talaq to Talaq, Talaq, Talaq

Yesterday was a watershed moment for women in India and a fascinating day to understand a patriarchal world. If any woman out there thinks it’s her world … sista, you are so wrong. This world is ruled by men and it will be many decades before that world order is given “Talaq” to. I am … Read more Talaq to Talaq, Talaq, Talaq

Preventable loss of lives, Independence Day and “Grand-Maa” is back !

The Gorakhpur tragedy is not a one off incident and that is the real tragedy in India…. there is an annual loss of lives that is a preventable loss. Come winters, Delhi and other parts of Northern India will see a spate of deaths, that are completely preventable by sharing warm clothes with those who … Read more Preventable loss of lives, Independence Day and “Grand-Maa” is back !