Under $2 breakfast!

Last Thursday, our train from Chennai to Hyderabad reached early in the morning and we were home by 7.30 am. As we didn’t have anything readily available at home to make breakfast, we decided to go to our favourite  breakfast/snack joint and get breakfast for the three of us. I dont know how to describe this place – its just a room and this guy and his father make fresh south Indian breakfast right there. You get idli, dosa, pesarattu, Mysore bonda, vada and poori masala. They keep the place spotlessly clean and the food tastes awesome, especially the coconut chutney.

We bought a plate of mysore Bonda (4 pieces), 3 plates of idlis (12 idlis) and two plates of Poori (8 poories) – and the bill was Rs. 120/- ($1.8). We weren’t surprised this time but we were certainly surprised the first time we bought from him. The fact is, all over India, fresh food is available and is truly inexpensive. For instance, we stop at a tea stall on our way to Delhi or when we come to Hyderabad by road. Its at a place called Partapur, in M.P. The samosas there are really tasty and they sell for Rs. 5 a piece ! Tea is for Rs. 5… or our favourite highway dhaba at Babina toll plaza. A plate of “poha” is Rs. 10 or a plate of freshly made pakoras is Rs. 10. And think of the dhabas at Murthal and their mouthwatering parathas that cost almost nothing !

Now why would Indians opt for the bland refined flour filled bread-butter-jam or the mind-numbing factory made cereal which has oodles of sugar and “added”chemicals? Kellogg makes a lot of money by telling you that its cereals are untouched by hand, hygienic and that you should eat a BIG breakfast … guess what, nothing gets more hygienic than fresh “FOOD”. Cereals are dead – healthy non-GM corn is juicy and tasty and it can be roasted or steamed or eaten just like that – look at a Kellogg “Cornflake” – dry, inedible without milk or yoghurt and a sweetener. Does that say something to you at all??

Its not about Kellogg – its also any cereal produced by Patanjali or Baggry or any other Indian company. Food has to be fresh and cooked to a minimum. All the things that line a supermarket shelf and come out of a box onto your plate is not food.

THINK and eat fresh local food and go ahead, eat a big breakfast… just not something that’s dead.

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