Misplaced Priorities !!

On May 10th a 23 year old Army officer was shot dead by terrorists in Kashmir when he was off duty attending a wedding. A year and a half back on Jan 17th 2016, a 27 year old student committed suicide.

The student committed suicide in Telangana and the Chief Minister of Delhi came down to meet his mother and candle light vigils were organised and completely unrelated “famous” people spoke of Dalit atrocities that continue in this day and age and especially in the Modi Govt. No one bothered about the soldier’s death except his fellow men in uniform and finally a candle light march was organised in Delhi, again by his fellow soldiers and veterans.

How misplaced our country’s priorities are ! and of our political class :(:(. The levels that they stoop to, to gain political mileage is nauseating. The Chief Minister of Bengal tries to appease “alleged” minorities who will soon be the majority by asking for the Durga Puja celebrations to be toned down, then the Delhi CM of course continues to shield the corrupt, the AIADMK factions in TamilNadu are behaving worse than hyenas and each one is trying to bite off the biggest chunk of Jayalalitha’s ill-gotten fortune, the Chief Minister of Karnataka zips by in his VIP convoy while the lakes burn and garbage piles turn Bangalore into a garbage city from a garden city …. the list is endless.


Misplacing priorities is common in the corporate world too – we let go of a young executive because he/she does not fit into our larger scheme of things or we dont like him/her or he/she is a threat while extending the retirement of another because they kow-tow your line. Watch your decisions – when a recession hits, you cut training budgets, leaving you with untrained or poorly trained folk who cannot ride the boom… when you need to optimise costs, you let go of a huge number of “doers” while retaining the fat “leaders” layer who are probably responsible for the bloated costs. Again the examples are endless and the story of misplaced priorities just keeps going.

We prioritise careers over our health and family leading to heart attacks at 40 and obese children! We prioritise having a good time over learning leading to burnouts and sudden riches to rags stories.. The misplaced priorities is like an unstoppable train heading into a cliff and the train driver (you or I) is somewhere in a coach in the middle of the train, snoozing. We wake up momentarily when the train falls off the cliff and then wonder what happened.

Am not saying this only because I am a fan of Narendra Modi – but for the first time, we have a politician who has prioritised nation building and is fully focussed on that. Are all his actions absolutely right? Heck no, but is his intention right? Absolutely. Is he politically savvy and trying his damnedest best to get re-elected? of course and he should because look at the alternatives around you… Anyway, his detractors aren’t going to agree and thats ok. Majority of this country’s citizens seem to agree. In the same way, a large part of Jack Welch’s success or Steve Jobs’ success came from focussing on the right priorities and not spending time on misplaced priorities. It seems the focus on the right priorities is what makes a person/nation successful and focussing on misplaced priorities, leads to utter failure.

So please wake up and take control of your train of priorities … the cliff is just around the corner.

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Happy Friday folks.

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