Postcards from Vizag

The first thing that one notices in Vizag is how clean the place is ! Its apparently ranked 5th in the Swachh Sarvekshan and I think soon it will be the most clean city in India. Yesterday we drove down memory lane to the airport and to the NAD quarters where my parents lived in 1989-91 and where Krishnan met them for the first time to take their permission to marry me. My engagement (“Ponnu parkarathu”) was done in that house. So very special memories indeed.

The NAD quarters now … there are so many houses around this place. Obviously Vizag has grown.

All over Vizag we found the walls are painted with murals, and a very interesting thing we noticed while walking in the morning is songs and jingles being played over loud speakers about cleanliness and how Vizag is to be kept clean.

A scooter with two trashcans and a loudspeaker to broadcast songs about cleanliness
Beautiful Madhubani paintings on the pillars below the flyover

The roads are wide and the road dividers have palm trees and flowering plants that look very pretty.

The roundabouts are also green – with palm trees and pretty flowering plants

We couldn’t go for a walk on the R K Beach but we drove by and also saw the famous Dolphin’s nose :). We didn’t take any pictures of the R K Beach but we took one of the sea on the Rishi Konda road when we went to meet with the NGO, “Laya”.

We have enjoyed our short visit to Vizag after 27 years … and we certainly hope to get back here to do some more work through ShikshaDaan.

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  1. Bindu-ji, I visited Vizag in December 2017. I agree with what you say. The civic authorities and the citizens have taken some efforts. Pity you didn’t visit the beach. They have done it up very well. If you had seen K Balachander’s “Maro Charitra” then you will know how much the city has grown!


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