The Juvenile devil

Just a week back the Supreme court upheld the “death penalty” for four of the rapists in the Nirbhaya case. While there will always be arguments about the “death penalty” as a means of punishment, there is really no strong enough deterrent that stops human beings from behaving as devils. Till we find a solution like the thought mapping in the movie “Minority Report” where we could stop a murder or rape from happening because the police is able to see the thought beforehand, the “death penalty” is required.

For the six men who raped Nirbhaya in Dec 2012… the “death penalty” is actually a release. I don’t know if they will feel even a little bit of the pain they inflicted on that young lady. One of them committed suicide so he is on the other side already and we don’t know for sure if karma will take care of him, lets just go on believing that it will for sanity’s sake, four of them will be hanged to death and one is roaming free. Technically, the one roaming free was a juvenile when he committed the crime.

There was a petition that I had signed two days back and today when I went back to it, the petition is no longer there. Here’s a pic from my FB wall –

nirbhaya fb link

This “juvenile” rapist has gotten away scot free … he was out of the reform home in 2015 and the “yug-purush” AK’s government in Delhi allegedly tried to rehabilitate him. Read this scathing blog written in 2015 by Nishant Das – Kejriwal rewards cash & job to Mohammed Afroz the juvenile culprit of the Nirbhaya gangrape. This “juvenile” by a few months at the time of committing the crime was allegedly the most brutal – he apparently used a steel rod to almost beat Nirbhaya to death after raping her. Latest news items allege that he is now working in a restaurant in south India as a cook – with every opportunity to rebuild his life or wreck havoc in some other woman’s life.

Why should this “juvenile-by-a-few-months” be allowed to breathe ? Justice will be delivered fully only when he too is hanged to death. When will that happen? Will we continue to use the system’s loopholes and let him escape?

A small voice within me says, the death penalty is an easy punishment for such devils, whatever be their age…. they should live and suffer. Tattoo “rapist” on their foreheads, publish their pictures everywhere and let them suffer festering wounds on their bodies, lets bring hell to them rather than their going to hell. Maybe that will be a viable deterrent. I still don’t feel justice has been delivered in the Nirbhaya case, whatever be the popular views. Devils in the garb of human beings, must not be allowed to roam free.

Deeply disturbed and utterly sad …. Remembering Nirbhaya.

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  1. I strongly believe in this Bindu. Rapists should not be hanged. Because, it gives them a quick release from the agony. They should be tortured mentally and physically that should ultimately lead to a slow and agonizing death. I am very glad to see you agree with the idea of permanent Tattooing of their forehead. Serves two purposes. One, it makes a specimen out of them and shames them, embarrass them wherever they go and spares other women from a possible repeat rape by these guys. Second and most important, it serves a great deterrent for other rapists who are a tad too many in our Society.

    I think they should make a start with this juvenile devil. Hanging without death should be reserved for that insane Kejriwal for his equally insane thought of providing rehabilitation to such a criminal.

    • Colonel… it took me an hour and a half to write this blog. The day the Nirbhaya incident happened, we were in Bangalore and I still remember, I just couldn’t do any work. I created a separate blog by the name “Damini Live” and then just let it go because it was too depressing to think of the atrocities that happen to women everyday. I feel strongly that rapists must live and suffer, not get an easy way out 🙁


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