Daily Reflections

Chennai walks – Tailor on the move

We are used to having vegetables, fruits and food being sold on pushcarts … but we found a tailor who does his tailoring on a tricycle !! During our morning walks in Kamakoti Nagar, we have seen him several times, parked near the basket ball court opposite the Natesan Supermarket and the IIT colony 3rd main road. I just loved the idea because its another way to earn a livelihood, albeit it would fall under the “dying” profession category. I caught him on camera one of the days and asked his permission to take a picture. He obliged :).

People give him curtains, nighties and other stuff to stitch and he obviously is able to make a living out of it. Good tailors are difficult to find and they are really expensive, so someone who comes home and gets your curtains done is really valuable. Things can be rectified on the spot and the hassle of followup is also reduced. I would like to see this mobile tailoring take off … one tailor per locality. This will also provide livelihood for many people and keep them fit :), with all that cycling.

Hope this doesn’t die out as a profession – not tailoring, but mobile tailoring.


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