Chennai walks – Crows in a Conference

Today was the earliest that we started out for our walk, by 5.59 am and missed meeting Cruzer, my buddy. He must have gone earlier or probably in a different direction for his morning walk.

When we got out of our house and turned into the next street, I caught sight of a bunch of crows sitting on the electrical wires. And they were still there with more members attending the conference, when we got back an hour later. I am very curious about the agenda of the meeting … My first guess is that they just found a big piece of a dead animal and were getting their family and friends together for a feast. My second guess is, they were waiting to caw and announce the arrival of guests. One of the enduring superstitions in India is that when a lone crow caws then a guest is sure to arrive. My third guess is, they were mourning the loss of their fishing pond – a small swamp area has been walled off to start building something.

Here’s a picture of the crow conference an hour apart ..


There are also two Drongos (thanks Kaushik ji for telling me the name) – black long tailed birds, that are constantly chattering. They keep finding a high wire to sit and gab. I am not sure if its the same set of birds or two different ones.

A couple of days back I managed to capture a tiny bird – its a baby bird and not a sparrow for sure. Again, I don’t know enough to figure out which bird’s baby it is.


Our morning walks are a bird watcher’s delight and lay people like us just enjoy the different birds without knowing about them. Is there no building design that allows birds to co-exist? I mean all birds not the pigeons alone. All the condominiums in Gurgaon are pigeon shelters! It would be nice to wake up to birds chirping rather than a car honking.

For now, am still thinking of the crows conference…. what where they talking about ? :):)

Happy Tuesday folks.

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