Delhi is Bangalored :(

Every time there is a New Year party or any other kind of celebration or any large gathering in Delhi NCR or around Delhi, there are always reports of some incidents of molestation and then there are talk shows and everyone gabs about how Delhi is unsafe for women… and yeah, the “Whine”-king of the world who happens to be the current CM will immediately whine about how a certain Mr. Modi doesn’t allow him to make Delhi safe.

But 2017 promises to be different… am sure things went wrong in Delhi NCR too but the news of mass molestation and absolutely horrendous behaviour has come from Bangalore. The CONgress and their poster boy CM “sadu” Sidhu’s team have outdone themselves in explaining why it has happened while doing “NOTHING”. I come from the generation that got excited when they found two similar looking pictures with a caption “find 6 differences” in the Newspaper or some magazine – but try as I do, I am finding it really difficult to find even one thing that differentiates the CONgress and AAP. They appear to be twins.

So Delhi’s culture has been “Bangalored”. The word “Bangalored” is used when an American or a Brit loses his job to a nerd sitting in Bangalore. But the “Whine”-king of the world has to do everything better than everyone else. So he has transitioned his amazing skills in ducking all responsibility, calling everyone else names and blaming everything on someone else (most preferred is Mr. Modi, of course). So instead of accepting that things went horribly wrong and taking immediate action to atleast find some of the perpetrators, the state ministers are talking of “western” culture, Hindutva moral policing etc etc that suddenly caused drunk animals in the form of “men” to start groping women because it was New Year’s eve and a party. It was sick to see boys sprawled on the ground, adjusting their pants and behaving like jerks.

I want to know if mothers who recognised their “ghar ka chirag” on TV gave them a thrashing and went and reported to the police asking for their beloved sons to spend a day in jail atleast. Yes, its an utopian dream but hey, I live in a free country and I am entitled to my dreams. Rather than asking the girls to wear long skirts/pants and cover themselves up in a sack to avoid being attractive, can mothers bring up boys who treat women with respect, irrespective of their dress ??? And Bangaloreans, please stop blaming those who have come from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and all other parts of the country to your city to live and work. Get your city fixed – get the roads fixed, get the foaming lakes fixed, get the overflowing garbage cleaned out, get the “ugly” eyesore of a metro running and most importantly get rid of all the politicians from every party. Its your city that is getting destroyed, and just blaming the “outsiders” won’t help. Get the “outsiders” to adopt your amazing-but-forgotten culture, rather than isolating them.

Mothers of these wretched “sons” – I am hoping that atleast one of you will have the gumption to stand up for the girls whose breasts and bottoms were pinched by your boy. That “groper” boy of yours will certainly forget to light your pyre and will most probably steal your fortune, letting you beg on the very street where you gave birth to him. And no ma’am, these “groper” boys or men are not uneducated labour class poor immigrants – these are all well educated ($@*_#$%) English speaking, upper middle class boys.

Sick to my stomach seeing the pictures of what happened on New Year’s eve. I waited till the evening to see if the “leaders” would take any concrete steps before writing what I have. Well, “leaders” are busy ensuring the police do “NOTHING”. I wonder if any of their wonderful “boys” were part of the “groper” gang….

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  1. Was horrible to see masses of all classes behaving like a crazed herd of animals, The roads were mobbed , the pics and clips on news channels are true to the scene then. The police were mute spectators, there was no semblence of any law and order. Felt as if I was in a wrong place , definately it wasn’t the Bangalore that I thought I knew.

    • Its terrible Ranjeet. Today I was seeing the CCTV footage of that girl being groped…. just unbelievable that there are a few spectators too :(:(. The public really needs to stand up and take charge. Put all the politicians on trial.

  2. Bindu,
    You’re really spitting fire on this one. Good for you. I stayed home, read a good book, and listened to the neighbors shooting off fireworks. It was too cloudy to see the lights, but there was no danger of groping.

    • Katharine, I am really upset. Bangalore has been a safe city for women unlike Delhi and to have this kind of “groping” frenzy happen there is just unacceptable. I don’t go to any party where I don’t know the people – and larger the group, I run away faster :). Krishnan and I were fast asleep when the new year dawned.

      • I’m glad you’re speaking up and out. For this kind of cultural exploitation to go unquestioned only feeds it. You are right to challenge the mothers. While women want to blame men for misogyny, we have to remember that the mothers raised their sons to disrespect women.

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