De-seeding made easy

One of my favourite fruits is the pomegranate, but the effort involved in de-seeding it has always stopped me from buying a lot of it. Besides the pomegranates are artificially coloured and the seeds made to look a bright red. A few weeks back Krishnan found this short video on Facebook which gave a helpful hack to easily de-seed pomegranate seeds. Have used the hack three times since and it works beautifully. We have been enjoying pomegranates more regularly since we discovered this hack.

So here’s the hack with pictures.

  1. Cut the Pomegranate’s shell midway – like the equator line across the Earth’s middle :).
  2. Separate into two halves.
  3. Loosen the sides a bit.
  4. Take a long wooden spatula (don’t know if other materials work like steel or glass) with a large flat palm.
  5. Hold one half upside down over a bowl and tap the outer shell using the wooden spatula.
  6. The seeds will start dropping down into the bowl. Just keep turning the pomegranate-half around till you get all the seeds out.
  7. The total time it takes to de-seed one half of a pomegranate is less than 20 seconds !!
  8. There will be a little bit of juice and some juice will get sprayed as you tap, just use a larger bowl and drain out the juice to drink separately.


The video and the screenshot above is from this website called, and they have very interesting hacks for doing things quickly and effectively.

Here’s the link to the video that shows how the de-seeding is done.

Enjoy pomegranates and eat them everyday 🙂 You can de-seed them in a few seconds.

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