Teamwork works. Always.

We met Dr Ramesh Kumar, Director of SVPISTM, Coimbatore, sometime in July this year for the first time. Dr Ramesh Kumar was introduced to us by Mr Venkatesh Narasimhan, MD of Cooptex. We spoke over phone, got ourselves introduced and exchanged notes about how ShikshaDaan and the Institute could collaborate.

We drove to the Institute from Club Mahindra Munnar where we were staying then. He received us along with some of his colleagues, and took us around the Institute explaining the facilities and amenities in great detail. His passion to do the very best for the institute was clearly evident. We sat down in the conference room and discussed in detail as to how ShikshaDaan and the Institute can collaborate for mutual benefit. As we were about to leave, Dr Ramesh Kumar and his team presented to us cases of five students who were academically very good but were on the verge of dropping out as they were unable to pay the fees. The applications of the students had all the details that we required to consider them for a ShikshaDaan scholarship. The papers were in order. Neat and clean. We promised them to support at least three students to start with.

Thanks to the persistence and perseverance of the team at SVPISTM, we ended up providing scholarships for all the five students instead of just three that we had promised. We then got to speak with all the five students over a video conferencing call. All the five students assured us that they would do well academically and get their placements.

Cut to last week. Dr Ramesh Kumar was here on some official work to meet with the officials of the textile ministry and the Minister for Textiles, and we invited him home.

He came and pleasantly surprised us with a gift from the students and more importantly shared with us letters written by the five  students who received scholarships from us about their placements and internships. All five of them have either got a placement or internship with near 100% chance of placement. This is exactly what we intend to do in ShikshaDaan Рfund education leading to employment.

This is the result of complete teamwork – Dr Ramesh Kumar, faculties, administration, students and ShikshaDaan, all pitching in, doing their very best. A special mention has to be made about Dr. Ramesh Kumar and his team’s responsiveness, they sent receipts instantly, they are always ready to respond and the speed of response is always super quick. Even as ShikshaDaan congratulates the five students, we also thank from the bottom of our heart, Usha, Subbu, Vikas and Jayanth who have funded these five students. But for their support this would not have been possible.

We intend to work with the Institute in more ways than just funding their students through scholarships.

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  1. Dr Ramesh Kumar, Director of SVPITSM

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