The “new” regular day at work!

Today was a regular day of work at ShikshaDaan for Krishnan and I. The first thing we did was to work on queries that had been raised on our proposal to a company and then we had a call with another potential sponsor. We had a meeting with Sudha, a development sector professional and a … Read more The “new” regular day at work!

Demonetization for political dummies & the intelligent common man

Mr. S. Gurumurthy came into the limelight when he went after the poster boy of Indian business tycoons .. Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, and then took on Bofors and then many other things. I remember seeing a series done by him for some TV channel on the local business practices of India and why we cannot … Read more Demonetization for political dummies & the intelligent common man

I got a “Text” neck ! Are you next?

We went and met Dr. BharatInder Singh today. I have a lot of relief from the upper arm pain that I had due to the nerves in my neck getting compressed but I still don’t have full free movement of my right hand. The mistake is all mine, I haven’t been consistent in doing the … Read more I got a “Text” neck ! Are you next?

Please mind the gap!

I am currently reading this awesome book by Marshall Goldsmith called “Triggers”. Its triggering a whole lot of ideas in my mind and adding a lot of value to my coaching practice. Who better to learn from than the master coach himself !! One of the things that Marshall Goldsmith speaks about in the book … Read more Please mind the gap!

De-seeding made easy

One of my favourite fruits is the pomegranate, but the effort involved in de-seeding it has always stopped me from buying a lot of it. Besides the pomegranates are artificially coloured and the seeds made to look a bright red. A few weeks back Krishnan found this short video on Facebook which gave a helpful … Read more De-seeding made easy

De-monetization Vs Demon-ization

“et”.. just two letters that make all the difference. Today Gandhiji is cringing because there is a huge crowd of “politicians” standing in front of his statue in Delhi and asking for a rollback of the demonezation. For 14 years, many so called “leaders” used a particular riot in Gujarat to demonize one man – Narendra … Read more De-monetization Vs Demon-ization

Sing-In-Peace Dr. BalaMurali Krishna…

This loss is personal in a very unique way… The carnatic music legend Dr. Balamurali Krishna passed away today. It is because of this maverick that I got my unique name. Most people know me as Bindu, but my full name is Bindumalini…. the name of a raaga that Dr. Balamurali Krishna created in the … Read more Sing-In-Peace Dr. BalaMurali Krishna…

Teamwork works. Always.

We met Dr Ramesh Kumar, Director of SVPISTM, Coimbatore, sometime in July this year for the first time. Dr Ramesh Kumar was introduced to us by Mr Venkatesh Narasimhan, MD of Cooptex. We spoke over phone, got ourselves introduced and exchanged notes about how ShikshaDaan and the Institute could collaborate. We drove to the Institute … Read more Teamwork works. Always.

A half truth is a whole lie ..

A dear friend of mine shared this blog/article by a New Zealander about why there is corruption in India. I did get angry as my friend must have, because this person has made some huge assumptions and passed it off as truths or facts. Today, I searched the internet and found out that this was … Read more A half truth is a whole lie ..