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The only tradition that I followed for a long time was wearing a new sari on Diwali. This Diwali is no different, except that I have followed all the rituals and decked up the house in colourful lights too. Since we are South Indians, our Diwali comes a day earlier and since we live in Gurgaon, we get to celebrate Diwali on two days !! This year, we celebrated on the 29th and 30th of Oct. We made the Deepavali “Marundu”, Ladoo with nuts and Ribbon Pakoda on the 29th. On the 30th we took the early morning “oil” bath – sesame oil is slightly heated with peppercorns and warm oil is applied on the head, wore new clothes and went to see crackers being burst. So celebrated Diwali over two days :).

The sari that I wore is from Kumaran Stores, Chennai. I bought it last year along with a few others and never got around to wearing it. Its a beautiful combination of bright neon blue and purple. There are lotuses woven in the border and there are vertical stripes in Jute silk all over the sari. I used the blouse for another sari, so just the sari was new. Krishnan wore a linen shirt that we bought from Cooptex. Amma wore a sari that Vasu Chitappa had bought for Diwali a couple of years back, yes, it is a green sari :):). Krishnan and I made a few attempts at getting a good selfie, but it didnt work at all. So here are our individual pics and one selfie which was passable!


The neckpiece is from London, a gift to Amma from her brother, way back in 1968. She never wore it because her hair would get tangled in it, but with my short hair, thats no problem :).

Krishnan in his new linen shirt from Cooptex

Krishnan does wear the traditional veshti, but whenever he can get away with just shorts, he will :).

Don’t miss the nicely decorated Buddha in the background in this selfie.



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  1. Happy Diwali!!!!!!!!!!! Where’s aunty’s green sari?

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