Ghar ka Bhedi Lanka Dhaye

Navratri is here and there are three legends associated with it. One is the legend of Maa Durga killing Mahishasura on the 10th day (Vijaya Dashmi). The underlying theme being victory of good over evil. The other legend is from Ramayana, where Lord Rama fights against the evil King Ravana and manages to kill him on the 10th day. Again the underlying theme is victory of good over evil.

I want to revisit the epic battle between Lord Rama and King Ravana. As we know, Lord Rama’s wife Sita is abducted by Ravana and kept captive in his royal garden in Lanka. Hanuman, the monkey God, manages to find her there and requests her to escape with him. Sita refuses to do that saying Lord Rama has to do battle and win her back from Ravana. Ofcourse Lord Rama is more than happy to do that and he reaches Rameswaram, with the army of monkeys. While he is figuring out a way to build a bridge across the sea to reach Lanka, Ravana’s brother Vibhishana pays a visit to Lord Rama.

Vibhishana is the younger brother of Ravana and he tries to advise his elder brother about rectifying his wrong doing in abducting another man’s wife, Sita. The advise falls on deaf ears and Ravana is hell bent on marrying Sita. Vibhishana decides to join forces with Lord Rama and goes over to the other side. While mythology tries to side with Vibhishana saying Ravana was on the side of evil, so he had to side with the good as he was a good person, the fact remains that he sold out his brother. He shared several secrets of Ravana  that helped Lord Rama to win the war. If Vibhishana had not shared the secrets, maybe Lord Rama would have struggled a bit more to win the battle. The fall of Lanka and Ravana happened because Vibhishana went over to Lord Rama’s side.

I studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya and we were taught “Muhaware” – proverbs in Hindi and amongst the very first ones that we were taught was “Ghar Ka Bhedi Lanka Dhaye” which means “the insider traitor who knows all the secrets helped bring down Lanka (a very prosperous city)”.

Now we have several traitors in politics and public life today in India – wolf in sheep clothing Arvind Kejriwal, scum with a sneer Mani Shankar Aiyar, a nobody called Ajay Alok, a lowlife called Sanjay Nirupam, a plethora of beefcakes who pass themselves off as “stars”, a has-been much married director with questionable parentage whose son was Headley’s “friend” and a bad drunk, wife-abuser “character actor”(pun ? Its bloody ridiculous) all daring to question the army’s surgical strikes against Pakistan.

Well, Pakistan is a rogue state run by terrorists who hide behind an elected government. The Pakistani Prime Minister needs to take permission even to take a leak, let alone think of “diplomacy” and peace talks on his own. For long, Indian Prime Ministers played footsie with Pakistan using our soldiers and citizens as pawns, each hoping for a Nobel Peace Prize as a reward. The grandfather botches up the one accession that he deals with, the daughter returns land that was won fair and square and squanders away the one opportunity to close the Kashmir chapter, the grandson plays a fool… thats the dynasty’s storyline. Then comes along a nondescript Punjabi who dismantles the intelligence network, and the final nail in the proverbial coffin was about to be hammered in when the  puppet PM tried to give up Siachen, again in the hopes of getting the Nobel Peace prize. For the first time now, India has a prime minister who is not worried about the Nobel peace prize but is clear that we will not let a bully play bully.

All these people who are asking for “proof” of the strikes and saying the surgical strikes were fake should be made to patrol the borders so that they can watch how the Indian army strikes down terrorists.

Here’s a tweet from a controversial Pakistani “journalist” –


Mehr Tarar, the only thing I will say to you is unfortunately your country’s terrorists are  “ghar ke chirag” for you, and they are burning your house down. So worry about them and we will take care of traitors in our country by not electing them again. We have a choice since we are a vibrant progressive democracy while your choice is between one terrorist and another. So indulge in cheap thrills and we will pray that you have a long safe life.

My fellow citizens, remember “ghar ka bhedi Lanka dhaye” and ensure that none of these traitors get anywhere close to any “ministership”. That will be the victory of good over evil.

Happy Navratri.



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  1. hello,
    “…….wolf in sheep clothing Arvind Kejriwal, scum with a sneer Mani Shankar Aiyar, a nobody called Ajay Alok, a lowlife called Sanjay Nirupam, a plethora of beefcakes who pass themselves off as “stars”, a has-been much married director with questionable parentage whose son was Headley’s “friend” and a bad drunk, wife-abuser “character actor”(pun ? Its bloody ridiculous)……”.

    Very strong words. But nothing short of it, will befittingly explain these scoundrels. And now, Sharad Pawar has joined these band wagon claiming nothing new in the surgical strike as they had carried out four such surgical strikes in their time. Does he understand what is a surgical strike, at least after General GD Bakshi’s detailed explanation of the differences between (their) tactical strikes and a classic surgical strike under Modi’s Govt in yesterday’s arnab Goswami’s programme.

    Instead of trying to convince these doubters, Armed forces would do well to consider packing up all these traitors and take them along in their next surgical strike into Pakistan to give them a feel of what a surgical strike involves and after a successful strike come back leaving these rascals deep inside Pakistan.

    Kejriwal is hailed as a hero in Pakistan. He and the always hoping but never succeeded Prime Minister aspirant and land grabbing goonda of Maharashtra Sharad Pawar can try their luck in politics in whatever is likely to be the remains of Pakistan.

    that would serve them well.


    • Colonel, completely agree with you. The biggest lesson from the Bhagwad Gita is not to turn away from a just fight and sometimes not fighting the righteous war is wrong. With traitors and terrorists floating around, there can’t be peace. Peace is not an absence of war, as its usually made out to be. Lets hope those whose heart beats for Pakistan are provided safe passage to their country. 🙂


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