We’re on our way back from ….

…. Lush Green Landlocked Languid Laos. Spent an interesting month in Laos. Learnt about their culture, food, made new friends, saw historical sights, found connections to India and for the first time, managed to be here before our Prime Minister Mr.Modi. Last year when we went to Mongolia, he went ahead of us and I felt really bad till Rajesh told us that he went to set good relations in motion before our visit :). This time both PM Modi and President Obama came to Laos after us. President Obama nearly stalked us all the way to Luang Prabang to wish us on our anniversary and even his motorcade went past our hotel but his security people stopped him from winding down his car’s window and wishing us.

While there were huge gaffes that disappointed us and put us at risk, we still enjoyed many portions of the trip. Can’t say this trip will ever be our favourite but every time we travel, there is a lot of new learning and expansion of our perspectives. So, the addiction to travel is un-abated :).

We will soon be back on the social media as well, but for now read about our trip https://90rollsroyces.com/lush-green-landlocked-languid-laos/ here.

Ah what a cool pace of life!! Plan better than us and you get yourselves a relaxing holiday…

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