Diwali release

The only tradition that I followed for a long time was wearing a new sari on Diwali. This Diwali is no different, except that I have followed all the rituals and decked up the house in colourful lights too. Since we are South Indians, our Diwali comes a day earlier and since we live in … Read more Diwali release

Deepavali “Marundu”

Every Diwali many people in TamilNadu make the Deepavali “Marundu”. Marundu in Tamil means medicine. This is made during Diwali and eaten right in the morning before eating anything else as it helps in digestion and has several medicinal herbs that help ward off many diseases. If we pay close attention to our traditional festival … Read more Deepavali “Marundu”

A string of “Deepavali” memories

Dear Appa, Yesterday, we made the Deepavali “marundu”…. with the mix that you had made in 2008. Yes, its still safe and not spoilt at all. We have kept it in an airtight bottle and anyway Hyderabad and Delhi have dry weather so things don’t spoil as easily. Appa, Amma and I were remembering how … Read more A string of “Deepavali” memories

Unrelenting “Appeasement”

I think this post will irritate many readers and may provoke some… but so be it. Last Sunday, we were watching the “Neeya Naana” program on Vijay TV. Its a chat show that debates social issues. The topic of discussion for this episode was about the differences between reading news earlier and now. On one … Read more Unrelenting “Appeasement”

Elephant Foot Yam is tasty too :)

I wonder if many young children in India even know this vegetable. It is not a pizza topping nor is it a sandwich filling and it certainly is not part of any exotic non-Indian cuisine. Infact it grows in a tropical climate so many parts of Europe and north America don’t even grow this. In … Read more Elephant Foot Yam is tasty too 🙂

Same ingredients…. Different results

As many of you know, we spent the month of September in Laos. It was fascinating to see Drumstick growing everywhere. Drumstick is known as Moringa in the rest of the world. In Tamil we say “Murungai”. Interestingly, the Laotians dont eat the tender drumstick, but let it ripen fully on the tree. Apparently when … Read more Same ingredients…. Different results

Do your homework, every time!

Most of our friends know that in the month of September every year we travel. We invest lots of time not only in identifying the potential place of travel but also research extensively about the places of travel from multiple perspectives. Places of interest, budget for the entire tour, ease of travel to and within … Read more Do your homework, every time!

Book Review – All the light we cannot see

This was the other book that I had bought just before our trip to Laos. The author, Anthony Doerr won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for this book and after reading it, its well deserved. The story is set during the World War II and its about Marie Laure, a French girl who has been blind … Read more Book Review – All the light we cannot see

Jack Reacher – Found you finally !

I bought Lee Child’s “One Shot” purely by chance. We were about to leave for our month long vacation to Laos and I wanted to buy a few fiction books to read. Well, “One Shot” was all that I needed to get hooked onto Jack Reacher. I wonder how I missed the entire series till … Read more Jack Reacher – Found you finally !