The consequences of inequality

A truck blew up in Nice….a few days back, young men shot at and killed other young people in Bangladesh…. a few days before that 200 people were killed in Saudi Arabia. The interval between terror strikes seems to shrink everyday and no nation is spared. The developed, the developing and the under-developed countries are all equal in the eyes of the terror outfits. If they use the developed nations to strike and create fear, they use the under-developed countries to recruit…

Why are we struggling to curb this menace ? I have been reading several articles explaining the rise and fall of different terror outfits and my two bits on this issue is as follows – its a consequence of inequality.

Lets look at the religious angle for a minute, the whole world would like to blame Islam because most of the terrorists who are caught or killed are muslims. But is that reason enough to blame them ? What about the church ? The modern day terrorism is almost the crusades being replayed on a larger scale with modern weapons. Its religious inequality – my God is better than your God. Buddhism, Hinduism and every religion in the world speaks of God being one, but the followers of every religion believe their God is superior…. and the other person HAS to agree ! Whats tragically funny about this is – IF there is a God, he/she would have committed suicide by now because he/she endowed this creature called human with intelligence and all they do is engage in a pissing match of proving superiority of a God that neither has known.

The next angle is the economics of terrorism. Its a flourishing business – whether you like it or not. Every nation has huge stockpiles of arms and if there are no wars – overt or covert, what happens to the foolish investment in producing these arms ? Drones, AK-47,56, 64,72,80 … (hey, I knew AK-47 and then I heard AK-56, so am adding 8 to that and creating my own series, don’t come after me, I haven’t even held a pistol), hand held rockets and nuclear warheads, its a huge enterprise. Terror outfits are great businesses who keep the production going and leave enough cash on the table to innovate even. An iota of this effort is not spent in feeding the hungry. Am not sure how to feel about India getting to be the largest arms manufacturer in the world – should we feel happy or sad …. yes, it will reduce the cost of imports, and I understand the need to have the best of arms and ammunition with wonderful neighbours like Pakistan, but really, do we have a way of ensuring these arms won’t find their way to a terror outfit ? Well, the economic inequality of stockpiles and the profits from terrorism will preclude serious efforts to curb this menace.

Lets also talk of hunger, and the inequality there. Africa will be kept hungry, so that the developed nations can wash their conscience by dumping wrong food on them. In all these years, are we saying we don’t have a solution for hunger ? The developed countries have an obesity epidemic, with people stuffing their faces with so much food that their ears and eyelids are getting fatter while in many African and Asian countries people struggle to eat a proper meal and genetically modified corn is not the only answer. The collective intelligence in the world cannot figure out how to grow local crop in any country, because there is no incentive in doing that !! The sugar lobby, the milk lobby, the soya lobby, the processed junk lobby – all out to make a quick buck, capitalising on the inequality of hunger. Give money or food to the hungry and they will take anything else free along with it – a gun, a religion, a “cause”, a “protest”… the inequality of hunger is a dark spot on mankind and Nobel prizes must be suspended till a solution for hunger is found.

Look deep into the problem of terrorism, and you will find inequality of some kind. How else can someone be motivated to kill themselves in a suicide mission ? and not just die but kill hundreds ? And the United Nations can shut their shop, return the tax free salaries and let countries fend for themselves – they haven’t shown any ability to solve problems that affect our world…. If they want to really solve, let them start solving the inequality issue in all spheres and start yesterday.

Would there be a world where everyone is equal ? No, never and that would be a boring world. So all the communists who started to cheer for my article can stop – communism is dead and has no hope to come back from the dead. We need a world of equal opportunities, and neither democracy nor autocracy nor communism nor socialism nor any religion has managed to create that. Time to rethink and find a new solution ….

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  1. i doubt if any system can wipe out inequality . It’s the structure of this world and our genes . We can improve a bit if we can understand the truth that all religious books are written by humans , and should be used us distilled thoughts of our race rather than words of god .

    In the past our species have celebrated many gods , be it be roman gods or greek gods . We have killed each other to protect those gods . But now they have become extinct and we understand that the wars and killings were for nothing . History will be repeated

    If there is a God , most likely he/ she is not what any of the existing religions espouse . All these killings and violence are for a false cause . What a shame

  2. You cover a lot of territory here. I see the terrorism as the natural frustration of the disenfranchised. This is different from “inequality,” which pre-supposes a hierarchy of some sort, whether religious (as in monotheism), political, or monetary. As long as we believe in hierarchies–with power vested outside self–we will feel dis-empowered and resentful, to a greater or lesser degree.

    The “disenfranchised” are those who have been put off their land, denied their right to live, breathe, eat, take care of their families in peace. We note the Syrians now, but mass migrations have occurred throughout history, usually because life became unsustainable in their native homes. Dams in places like China. American corporations, like Coca Cola, in India that sucked up and polluted the groundwater such that local wells went dry or became contaminated.

    Drug laws raise the price of drugs, such that much of “terrorist” activities is financed by black market narcotics and hashish trading (and, of course, weapons). Eliminate the drug laws to gut the “commodity money market” that finances both the terrorists and the CIA that stirs up trouble on purpose.

    “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,” by John Perkins, gives a shocking insight into how the CIA perpetuates this instability so that the US can control and profit from foreign governments.

    I don’t believe we are genetically programmed to be stupid. We wouldn’t have survived this long. I do believe we are equal, in the sense that no puzzle piece is any better or worse than any other, but they are all different and contribute in a unique way to the whole picture. The pieces are not just human. They are every atom and molecule, every plant, animal, rock and microbe. My god consists of all the above, each playing its unique role in the cosmos. I picture my god in holographic terms, akin to the Oriental notion of “qi,” or vitality, with the universal intelligence contained in every particle.

    Practically speaking, if the whole world weren’t meddling in Syria, things might settle down, and the “terrorists” would have nothing to fight.


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