There is never a one time sale !

Krishnan went out to buy curds (yoghurt) and milk the day we landed in Thekkady. My mom and Krishnan love their “curd rice” :). He walked out of Club Mahindra, Thekkady and just 100 meters away there are a couple of shops selling biscuits, milk and curd. He bought a couple of packets of curds and a packet of milk. Both the packets of curds were puffed, so Krishnan asked the shopkeeper if the curd was still good to eat. The shopkeeper assured Krishnan that the curd was fine and Krishnan found the expiry date to be a couple of days away. So he bought the two packets.

Well, the packets of curds were puffed because the curds were sour. We did use the curds for making “Morkozhambu” the next day … they weren’t bad, but they were sour. The shopkeeper must have thought that this was a one time sale, and Krishnan (a tourist to Thekkady) wouldn’t go back to buy again. Right and wrong !!

The shopkeeper was right in thinking that Krishnan would not go back to buy from his shop but wrong about not buying curds at all …. We have bought several packets of curds since that day and many other eatables, but never from that shop. He sees us walking around and buying from other shops but never from him.

The point that all of us have to realise is, there is no such thing as a one time sale. Even an expensive item like a car, is not a one time sale because the same customer may not buy again within a couple of years, but will talk about his/her experience. A great experience will bring other customers, and a terrible experience will definitely stop other customers from buying.

Some of you might say, a packet of curds is just Rs. 20 or 25/-.. small ticket item, and its ok for the shopkeeper to pass off sour curds to a tourist, but in the process, he missed selling all the other stuff to us – biscuits, snacks etc. Contrast that with what Latif, the fruit seller did – Now Latif has a lifelong customer in us and we will share his details with all our friends who visit Thekkady. Latif also had the opportunity to treat us as one-time-sale tourists but he didn’t and he has reaped the benefits. No wonder he has moved from being a daily wage earner to a shop owner who is doing well.

There is never a one time sale … every sale brings more sale or may stop further sales. So watch out !


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