I wonder why …

I wanted to write this after the culprit in the Infosys employee Swathi’s murder case was caught, not before. He has been finally caught yesterday. The media circus has started with inane questions about the culprit’s food habits and why he did what he did and every channel has the breaking news about some small gory detail. The whole “show” is macabre and sickening.

I wondered the day the unfortunate incident happened and I continue to wonder today as to why, not ONE human being who was on the same platform came forward to stop this young man from stabbing Swathi ? She might have still died with just one knife wound, but she was repeatedly stabbed and after the first attack, the surprise element should have worn off for atleast one person around her …. I wonder why it didn’t. Have we become so desensitized to the pain and suffering of another human being that we don’t react ?

We lost a dear friend’s young husband to sudden cerebral haemorrhage recently and she shared an incident where an individual who had been helped by her husband, wanted to charge an obscene amount of money to get some 10 minute paperwork done !!

Even the great world conquering Alexander could not take anything with him, he died empty handed as did every pharaoh of Egypt and every emperor of any dynasty – the message is clear, all the riches in the world are useful for living well, but you cant take anything with you. So why not be helpful to another fellow human being ? What were the bystanders scared of when they did not stop Swathi’s murder ? This was one boy and there were many many many people on the platform. And after she was stabbed, she just lay there with no one trying to get her to the hospital either…

Humanity needs a deep rethink. Caring for another human being is the first tenet of being human.. even an animal tries to protect its own and we behave worse than an animal in many instances.

RIP Swathi. May your soul find solace and may your family members and loved ones find strength to go on.


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