Humans on Indian Highways – Mukesh Yadav

On Monday, 25th of July, we started out from Sagar, M.P to come to Gurgaon. This is our sixth time doing this trip between Gurgaon and Chennai. We have made many friends on the highway and found some amazing places to eat (Ofcourse!). One such place is Mukesh Yadav’s dhaba just after the Babina toll … Read more Humans on Indian Highways – Mukesh Yadav

The power of coaching

As many of you know, Krishnan and I are certified executive/life coaches. Coaching is a calling in our life because both of us love to transform people’s lives and have spent all our corporate years helping people unleash their potential. Yesterday, we were participating in the 11th session of our level 3 coaching training and … Read more The power of coaching

The Surprising Trait That Can Predict How Successful You’ll Be

Over the last few days I had asked a number of my friends to identify THE trait that can predict how successful one could be.

Well, they came up with answers, spontaneously. Some of the answers were persistence, smartness, ability to relate with people, emotional intelligence, hard work, failure, focus, spouse and more.

But the article that I had read, the link to which is given below, came up with a completely different and surprising trait. While it’s not an unknown trait, the correlation of this trait as a predictor of success was definitely new and news to me. 

Appreciate if you would read the article by clicking on the link below:

The Surprising Trait That Can Predict How Successful You’ll Be

VICE and Moviegasm … really ?

Am sitting at the car service centre in Hyderabad and there is this young mother and her utterly cute little daughter sitting across from me. The omnipresent television screen is set to “Gemini Music” and initially I didn’t notice the songs that came up. Suddenly I looked up from the work I was doing on … Read more VICE and Moviegasm … really ?