Woes with Volvo

We were in Hyderabad on the 6th of June for just one reason – to change the ownership of our vehicle to my name as we bought a used car. We bought the car in Feb and the folks at Talwar Volvo have been giving us a ride around the block w.r.t the paperwork. We have been told all sorts of stories and while we are thrilled with the car, the post sale experience has been terribly underwhelming and deeply disappointing. We have had to follow-up everytime, no one returns the call when they promise to, and in general we are getting the raw deal.

Before we reached Hyderabad on the 5th, we had been following up with the folks at Talwar Volvo to get all the paperwork ready so that we could go to the RTO office and sign off for transferring the RC. On 6th morning they realized that the previous owner had to sign yet another paper without which we cannot sign and effect the transfer. They were hoping to get the CC – clearance certificate signed off before 2 pm and we were to go over after they had the certificate ready…. Yet another disappointment and hugely upsetting news that the previous owner did not sign the CC.

I wonder what the folks at Talwar Volvo were doing all this while … besides giving us the wrong information and wasting our time. Didn’t they know they would need this certificate ? Couldn’t they have got this signed off nearly a month back ? If they cared enough, they would have but I guess the company is doing well and raking in the moolah, so one odd customer be damned !! We are anyway running an NGO and don’t matter much I guess, because I don’t think this treatment would have been meted out to us, if we were the CEO of some corporation or a politician from a known party.

Guess life would be easy for customers if companies clearly stated what sort of customers they like to serve – atleast that’s truthful. This constant disappointment is just leaving us feeling terrible. We had our entire plan for the ShikshaDaan Yatra mapped to cover Kerala and we have started off as planned because the cost of canceling the trip is huge. The saddest part is, no one from Talwar Volvo has even called us to say if they have got the CC signed !!!! We really don’t matter.

Hope someone at Volvo gets to read this – I don’t think they would be happy to read about this treatment for one of their customers.On the Volvo group’s website, Customer success is their first value. Read the last line on how they deliver to that value – “we deliver on our promises”. Well, folks at Talwar Volvo seem to not follow that particular value at all 🙁 :(.

Customer success

  • We truly understand our customers’ business
  • We listen to and talk with our customers about their needs, desires and challenges
  • We focus on transport solutions that make customers successful and create value for society
  • We deliver on our promises

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