I wonder why …

Its perfectly ok for some MLA’s in a certain union territory called Delhi can have dual income. The “nautanki” CM and his band of “soap” artists get on to the pulpit everyday and declare themselves as the only honest people around and EVERYONE else as corrupt. If there is no topic on which to deride the PM then they find a blocked sewer and mount a tirade against the PM’s pet project Swachh Bharat. If the promise of security cameras across Delhi was made by the CM in his pre-election show, and not a single camera got deployed, it’s the PM’s fault. Anything that is not done by this “nautanki” troupe, it’s the central government’s fault. I wonder why Delhiites voted for this form of entertainment !!

I wonder why the ardent fans of this “nautanki” CM don’t ask about his days as an activist and the 49 day failed government, when he said the CONgress party was corrupt and he was sure to put all the bigwigs of that party behind bars…. Suddenly he is in love with the CONgress and is after a PM whose personal integrity is beyond question. Everybody and their uncles, aunts and borrowed relatives have tried to pin a corruption charge on the man and its come to naught.

I wonder why no one questions the “nautanki” CM about his show being jaded and so similar to his alleged benefactor and former enemy, the CONgress ? Ah, the grand old CONteam and its wily ways 🙂

One of the jokers asked the PM to get their party de-registered since he was so powerful…. Reminds me of the travelling circus – pitch a tent, gather a crowd, earn some money, entertain, and scoot to another place. This “nautanki” seems to follow the same routine – form a government, make tall promises, earn lots of money, double salaries, make allegations without proof and stay in the news, scoot to find newer greener pastures to create trouble ! And all those who paid to get these jokers elected, get a big fat “thenga” … hahahahahaha Jai Ho.


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