I wonder why …

When our rich heritage of brass idols, paintings and precious stones etc were first looted by  the British and then pilfered by many others…. We never took any offence. We also never tried to get back many of the artefacts, for some we made half hearted attempts !! Then allegedly a certain shop in Italy made headlines for selling antiques and there were many stories of the source of these antiques and fingers were pointed at a certain party’s certain president … Hmmm we wouldn’t go with mere speculations, right ? 

I also wonder why when the US returns hundreds of antiques in a goodwill gesture, to coincide with PM Modi’s visit, no one makes a big deal of it. Probably the HMVs are licking their wounded bruised egos …. Especially those who shouted hoarse and got signatures to stop the same United States of America to deny a visa to Mr. Modi. Awww, it must hurt real bad to see our PM address the same United States of America’s Congress and what might have hurt even more is Cisco chairman, John Chambers’ comment that the next US President must be like PM Modi. 

But, well this man means business and has many world leaders and business leaders vouch for him … Either all the world leaders and business leaders are wrong or there is something right in the man. By the way, India moved up 13 places to number 2 in the list of developing countries for ease of doing business. Hope at least that makes HMVs glad, it would if they are patriots. And yeah, it happened while Modi was sleeping on a plane hopping between countries – so he can’t claim any credit for it. 

#IWonderWhy some HMVs (Hate Modi Voices) can’t see reality :):):) 

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