Packing and getting off … Another trip begins 

We left on Saturday from Gurgaon for Hyderabad enroute to a longer trip…. The fun of a road trip is just unmatched. I read on Facebook about a website named “Ghumakkad” which loosely translates to “inveterate traveller” and thought that sums us up !! My dad, his mom and my mother-in-law are the others who qualify for that tag. I formally take this opportunity to thank my dad and my grandmother for passing on these “Ghumakkad” genes to me and Krishnan has his mom to thank for his “Ghumakkad” genes. That my reluctant-traveller mom actually is moving around with us is nature or Karma’s sweet irony. She would be happy to just be in one place but well, Karma has other thoughts for her :).

Since we cook everywhere, all the balance stock of groceries getting packed into bags.

The cycling gear, shoes, go into bags. The juicer, mixie etc go into the large white bin. A large stash of ziplock bags to keep stocks 🙂

We got the car loaded by Friday afternoon because Krishnan and I had a coach training call till 9.30 pm. Krishnan went in the morning and got the fuel filled, tyre pressure checked etc and I got food for the next two days ready. Amma made her dosas and I made my speciality – tamarind rice. Most of the packing now is rather instinctive but I do miss out on regular stuff, this time I forgot to pack my collection of colourful “bindis” … Now will buy them elsewhere. 

The car, partially packed in. The large bin is still to come and a few other things .

Dont waste any space and no meal is complete without pickles ! use the door spaces for pickles.

We were able to star from Gurgaon at 5.30 am as planned. Will write about the trip separately. 

7 thoughts on “Packing and getting off … Another trip begins ”

  1. Happy trails. I carry my food with me, too, because I prefer my own cooking to the fast food restaurants and convenience stores along US highways. Along the way I do food purchasing at grocery stores more often than in restaurants. Fresh fruit, yogurt, nuts, etc. Carry a little cooler and my own utensils.

  2. Safe travel and have a great trip. Looking forward to your posts on the trip….. What vehicle you have,… Lots of trunk space ….


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