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When Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar of the Art of Living Foundation wanted to conduct a world culture festival on the banks of the Yamuna river, the normally vociferous always-in-dharna-mode CM of Delhi didn’t raise a whimper. The other arm of his parent party, the scam-ridden CONteam tried to put a spoke in the works by waking up a slumbering National Green Tribunal and they were concerned overnight about the damage to the Yamuna flood plains …. the sanction to do the program was given many months back and the volunteers had already started work on cleaning the Yamuna. NGT slept right through it all and then of course a kick from their unknown benefactors woke them up.

We found out why the CM of Delhi didn’t raise a whimper because he was on stage on day 3 …. oopsie. How could he go against his masters and be seen with “hindu” “non-dalit” people? Anyway, I am wondering about the state of Yamuna riverbank now …. why hasn’t the same National Green Tribunal published the current pictures ? What happened to the Rs. 5 crore ban that was to go upto Rs. 120 Crore after NGT examined the flood plains, post conclusion of the festival ?

I found an interesting article on this http://www.firstpost.com/india/world-culture-festival-didnt-damage-yamuna-floodplain-environmentalist-gives-art-of-living-clean-chit-2682804.html. Probably this is why the NGT is not saying anything !!

Why doesn’t the NGT take up the everyday pollution of Yamuna with the CM of Delhi ?

#Iwonderwhy …..

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