I wonder why …

In a country where a lady of foreign origin can marry into the political first family and in a span of 25 years after her husband’s death she becomes richer than the Queen of England……. and no one dare question that. No one has seen her bank balance and there is no public outcry about how she made her riches. She doesn’t have any other business save running her in-law’s family party and being the party president am sure doesn’t pay much. She wouldn’t know how many villages still don’t have electricity or any other statistic related to the country ….

Also in the same country, a poor ordinary man manages to pass deep public/legal scrutiny for 12+ years and manage to deliver great results for his state and for two years tries to turn around the country by working day and night without taking a single day off, takes some great decisions and some bad decisions but every decision is prompted by only one intention that it will benefit the country. His bank balance is there for everyone to see, an RTI filed revealed that he pays for his personal expenses, and clearly he has no family who will inherit any fortune that he may stash away. He has statistics at his fingertips and tracks his goals month on month. This man is hounded day in and out, called names, and derided !!

I wonder why ……



4 thoughts on “I wonder why …”

  1. A very unlikely and unbecoming post from you who generally writes sensible posts.. Disappointing

    • Roji, sorry to disappoint you. But I do want to know what part of my post disappointed you ? The PM is working hard is a fact and Madam Sonia’s assets are not under scrutiny as they should be is also a fact.


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