What’s most important to you ?

Most of us have read Stephen Covey’s landmark book – “Seven Habits of highly effective people”. Krishnan and I consider it a management bible and re-read it often, just to reinforce the habits. Stephen Covey does an experiment using rocks, gravel, sand and water to explain how to prioritise. Take a pot full of water, put in the sand first, then the gravel, chances are there is no place for the rocks, but when you reverse the order, putting in a few rocks and then pouring the sand and gravel over them, usually the sand and gravel still fit in. This is used to explain prioritizing and there isn’t a better example to bring home the point.

Krishnan read a story with a slight variation of the message with the same experiment. A father takes a son to a riverside and uses a pot to fill up the water and asks the son to do this experiment. His message to his son is beautiful – just as you are able to fill the pot with rocks and also manage to fit in the sand and gravel, in the same way, in life, make time for what’s most important to you. Study hard, or read books, or work hard, or focus on your health, do some exercise, or travel or volunteer or learn a new skill or clean the house or meet friends or cook dinner or meditate…. all these are important things that you should put into your day and the unimportant things like gossiping, watching television, or plotting against your colleagues are like the sand and gravel, that will anyway get fitted in.

Starting today, why not focus on the things that are important to you ? the frivolous will fit in without any effort to make special time for them :).

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