The wedding saris – 2

Gayatri changed saris thrice during her wedding. First was a blue Paithani, then a purple coloured Benarasi “Shalu” sari that Jay’s parents gifted her and then the actual wedding sari was a yellow Benarasi brocade. For the evening reception Dinky wore an awesome “ghagra” and Geetu wore a film star like sequinned sari and I wore a Kanchivaram, bottle green with a huge “zari” leaf across.

dinky purple 1

I helped drape this sari for Gayatri :), so thrilled. Here’s a picture of just the sari.

dinky purple - 2

Pretty, right ?

The following picture is just after Gayatri and Jay exchanged varmalas and became man and wife. They make such an adorable couple. Please bless them for a wonderful married life.

dinky Jay - varmala

Following are pictures of me in my bottle green Kanchivaram for the reception. The neckpiece is from Desh Maheshwari, Noida. These are Malachite stones, very beautiful.

green 1

green 2

Just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was very special to be part of Gayatri and Jay’s wedding. Geetu, we missed each other’s wedding but made up for it during Gayatri’s. :):)

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