Its ok to quit !

All the self-help and motivational posters scream at you “Don’t Quit”, “Never Give up” …and smokers assume that its the gospel truth and never quit :). Jokes apart, there is so much taboo associated with quitting that you continue with a business thats losing money or a project that is way past it utility or overdraw on an already overdrawn emotional account till hell comes visiting at the bottom of a pit.

Its ok to be persistent but its equally important to cut your losses. So evaluate your business, your project or even a relationship and see if it pays to be persistent otherwise, cut your losses. You will be better off and you can apply the reserve persistence on some other profitable business, project or a relationship that works ! Please cut your losses at work especially. Quit when the boss is not right, quit when your learning stops, quit when you are treated worse than you deserve, quit when you have to make an effort to get excited.

Just because something is repeated often, it ain’t the truth … its perfectly ok to quit.

1 thought on “Its ok to quit !”

  1. That has been my life philosophy, and I’ve never regretted it. Cut losses to keep the books from getting even further unbalanced. The only person you have to sleep with is yourself.


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