Sethu – you crossed over too soon :(

He was in the conference room when I met Krishnan first and his black Fiat car was the one, Aporesh used everytime he came to Chennai and I got to ride in it during the management program too. He became a very dear friend and Krishnan and I have spent countless evenings in his house being fed awesome food by Thangam and bantering with him. Then we left Chennai and he was the only Miltonian to visit our house in Delhi …. Today he is gone, in the morning.

Memories of SethuMadhavan have slowed the day down and will slow down many days because he left too soon. We met him at our 25th anniversary last year and he was as direct and caring as ever, commenting on my coloured hair, saying not to use any colouring dye as it affects one’s health. SethuMadhavan, I listened to you and have stopped using hair color since Sept last year but I can’t show my salt and pepper hair to you now !!

You told us not to visit you when we there in Chennai again in Dec as the roads were bad due to the floods …. wish we hadn’t listened to you. But, we will still visit Thangam and through her visit you. While death is the other side of life and we will meet again on some other crossroad in some other life, we still miss you.

May your trip across the bridge of life be peaceful and please be with Thangam in spirit to help her deal with this. RIP SethuMadhavan.


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