Daily Reflections

Thank You … 

Thanks for opening the door for me, also open the doors wide to me fly….Thanks for holding my hand as I cross the road, also hold my hand when I am cross… Thanks for letting me shop till I drop, also spend time with me so I don’t have to shop… Thanks for the beautiful coat, also be around to see me wear it… Thanks for the stunning jewellery, also be around to click pictures as I wear it… Thanks for letting me speak, also listen and share your thoughts… Thanks for letting me work, also help me raise our children… Thanks for keeping me as a joint account holder, also help me invest in our future… Thanks for working so hard, also let me put my feet up… Thanks for letting me get ahead of the queue, also let me overtake you in my car… Thanks for being the bread winner of our family, also let me play that role… Thanks for not hitting me, also don’t hit your friend’s daughter… Thanks for celebrating your promotion with me, also celebrate my promotion… Thanks for speaking eloquently about me, also believe in my eloquence… Thanks for being married to me, also be married to me… Thanks for being around as I walk in the dark, also make it safe for me to walk alone… Thanks for upholding our family’s prestige, also don’t kill me when I follow my heart… Thanks for offering me a seat when the bus is crowded, also don’t rub yourself against me when I am standing… Thanks for appreciating my beauty when I am thin, also appreciate my beauty when I carry your child… Thanks for living life on your terms, also know that I live my life on my terms… Thanks for being a friend, also don’t lie if you find a new friend… Thanks for letting me be born, also ensure my sister is born… Thanks for hearing a “no”, also remember that it is a “no”… Thanks for hiring me, also don’t ask me when I will have a child… Thanks for looking at me when we speak, also know that my breast size doesn’t affect my thinking… Thanks for letting me share my thoughts, also appreciate them if they differ from yours… Thanks for being on my team, also know to respect me for my abilities… Thanks for the talk on diversity, also follow up with action… Thanks for the promotion, also let me into the board.. Thanks for researching what will keep us young, also don’t grow apart as we get older… Thanks for being protective of me, also let me spread our wings…

Thanks for celebrating us today, also celebrate us everyday…

And Sisters… 

Thanks for giving birth to my brother, also ensure he becomes a “human”… Thanks for giving birth to me, also don’t clip my wings… Thanks for my brother, also don’t kill my sister… Thanks for letting me marry your son, also let me be your daughter… Thanks for teaching me how to cook, also teach my brother how to cook… Thanks for teaching me how to wash clothes, also teach my brother how to wash clothes… Thanks for letting me help you, also let my brother help you… Thanks for fixing my dress so my bosom is covered, also teach my brother not to stare at my friend’s bosom… Thanks for teaching me to be careful, also teach my brother to be responsible… Thanks for holding me close when a man hurt me, also don’t hurt a man wrongly… Thanks for teaching me to wear a pad when I menstruate, also teach my brother that am not unclean when I menstruate… Thanks for buying me creams so I can be fair and lovely, also remember I am beautiful in all colours… Thanks for scrimping and saving for my wedding, also understand I may want to remain single… Thanks for letting me study, also don’t make marriage my final destination… Thanks for being my friend, also teach my brother to be a friend only… Thanks for telling me how to avoid some places, also tell my brother not to go there… Thanks for stopping me from drinking too much, also tell my brother never to drink too much… Thanks for teaching me to respect my dad, also tell dad to respect you… Thanks for telling me I can do anything, also let me do anything… Thanks for slapping me hard when I strayed, also slap my brother when he strayed… Thanks for giving me your jewellery, also treat me like a jewel… 

Thanks for celebrating today, also celebrate everyday …


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  1. Really appreciate the correctness of every statement made ! These facts must be drilled into people from infancy days. It must be deeply engraved in the subconscious mind which will be the guiding force.

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