Paalum Pazhamum Sari

On the W3  (women, weave, world) page there is a spurt of these Paalum Pazhamum saris and I guess thats what prompted me to pull this one out to wear today. I have three of the Paalum Pazhamum type checks. This is a beautiful combination of copper sulphate blue and fluorescent green. Its my friend Renuka’s favourite sari. We bought this at RmKv Bangalore for the 2013 Diwali and we celebrated Diwali with my mom-in-law and my brother-in-law’s family at Chennai. Here’s a picture from Nov 2013.IMG_0784

Today’s pictures –

paalum pazham

The beautiful neckpiece is again from Desh Maheswari and is some fossil stone. Just love the color ! The sari is a Kanchipuram silk sari.

Note : There is a classic Tamil movie by the name “Paalum Pazhamum” in which the heroine wears this kind of checked sari. I guess the colours were more red/green/yellow checks and these type of saris were quite a rage then. They are making a comeback now. 

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