Kantha Re Kantha Re :)

I used to see the saris with Kantha work done on them and kept wanting to buy them, but never did till 2007. Krishnan and I attended a concert for Mohd. Rafi songs at the Palace grounds, in Bangalore along with Mahesh and Rupa. We reached the venue early and saw there was a handloom expo happening. How could I resist saris !! So we went and bought a few saris and one of them was from the display at the Bengal stall – a beautiful sari with Kantha work done on it. I wore this sari first for my 2008 birthday and that was the last birthday that Appa was around to celebrate with me…

I wore this sari again yesterday and was remembering dad as I pulled it out of the hangar. Here are the pics –

kantha 1

The Pallu has amazing kantha embroidery. Its a silk sari and drapes beautifully. I am wearing a neck piece from Desh Maheshwari.

kantha 2008

This is from 2008, when I wore it first.



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  1. Hand embroidered saris are gorgeous, period. Love the colour of your sari. Never seen this combo with Kantha work.


    Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2016 16:25:11 +0000 To:

  2. Too bad I can’t touch them and study the embroidery up close. They are beautiful. How much time do you think it took to make that sari?

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