Cottons are out !

In Hyderabad, the mornings are still lovely, cool and soothing. Sometimes Amma has to take a shawl when she goes out for her walk. But by 8.30 the Sun is out shining brightly and the days are really warm. Have taken out some of the cotton saris in the last few days to wear.


orissa cotton 1

orissa cotton 2

I bought this sari at Dilli Haat during some exhibition. Its an Orissa cotton with lovely embroidery on the pallu and the body of the sari. This picture is from 2012. I wore it again a few days back. The cotton is super soft and feels airy and cool. This particular neckpiece is from Junk ( The pearl neckpiece that I wore a couple of days back with this sari is custom made by Adorjo. More about Adorjo in the next picture.

This sari was bought at “Vijayalakshmi Silks” on M G Road, in Bangalore. I had bought a half-and-half sari for my ISB graduation and while going to the billing counter, they had this sari on the hangar ! The billing got delayed and I bought three saris – this one, the one below and one more which I will post later. This sari is 50% raw silk and 50% pure cotton and the embroidery is machine made but very tastefully done. The pretty little girl in blue is my Advisor Aaliyah. The neckpiece is custom made by her mother Jyotsna for me, and you can buy some of her gorgeous stuff at Adorjo ( Jyotsna’s Johumkas are to die for !! The beads for the neckpiece are from Nagaland :).

This is an all-cotton sari. The way it drapes, I feel there is some polyester or silk mixed with cotton. It does crumple but differently. The yellow bands are really eye catching and the embroidery in the middle runs right through the sari. Its machine made embroidery. The neckpiece is from Desh Maheshwari, Noida. Wore it two days back when we went to meet with Geetha and Govind, our dear friends.

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