The Hyderabad saris – 2

I have some special memories attached with two of these saris. Also each of these saris is made of different fabrics – a crepe, a Kanchivaram dual tone silk and a cotton. BTW, all photo credits for me in different saris go to Krishnan :). He not only picks out these saris, but also patiently clicks these pictures ! Thanks Krishnan.

satya paul like

This is a crepe sari that is a Satya Paul look alike. I have a thing for black and geometric designs. I don’t remember where I bought this sari but I guess it will be Kumaran stores at T.Nagar. The neck piece is from Desh Maheshwari :), well, where else.

farewell 1

farewell 2

This beautiful dual tone Kanchivaram silk sari was bought at Kumaran stores last year. Krishnan loved the dual tone of green and purple. I wore this for my farewell last year and these pictures are from that fun farewell event. I wish they bring out a hair dye that matches this color and is dual tone. Would love to color my hair in this dual tone someday :). The neckpiece got hidden behind the lanyard, but this piece is a three-string malachite beads neckpiece from Desh Maheshwari again. Have been trying to get the large sized stones but in vain. I wore this again in Hyderabad for our ISB bash – Bhaskar’s party.

valkalam blk

valkalam blk 2

I have said before, I have a thing for black. This is a black cotton sari that we bought at Valkalam saris, Varanasi. The first picture shows the work on the inside and I am waiting for Kashiana to react to this sari’s design since the “ambi” or “mango” motif is her favourite. The neckpiece is from Desh Maheshwari again, cat-eye, four string. Wore this sari for our speaking session at Gandhi and Gandhi. The sari drapes really well and doesn’t stick out like sometimes cottons do and it doesn’t crinkle too much either. Cant go wrong with black :). Bala, yes, it was a Friday that I wore it on – so keeping up my black saris on Fridays routine.

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