Executive VICE Chair-man indeed !!

I am unable to reconcile to this news item – Executive Vice Chairman. A brave Indian army soldier has just been found miraculously alive after 6 days of being buried in 25ft snow at Siachen. Its great news and prayers for his full recovery. After he recovers if Hanumanthappa were to read this news what would he think ?

Our soldiers face the wrath of nature and serve in unbelievably hostile conditions to protect scum like this? So that Mr. Pachauri can allegedly go around molesting young women who make the mistake of working at TERI ? And because he is all powerful with great connections a role will be created for him and he will be rehired ?

I had written the following blog when this thing blew up last year – Sexual harassment – the many who escape ….. Pachauri? and just a year later he is back as the Exec Vice Chairman – indeed a VICE chair-man. the message being sent out is loud and clear – you can kill, you can molest, you can do anything as long as you have the right connections. Can TERI not survive without him ? I am hoping that whichever ministry TERI comes under takes strong exception to this and Dr. Pachauri is relieved of his new role immediately. Has he been proved innocent ? The young woman who had the courage to speak up against him has left her job .. maybe was forced to leave. What happened to the investigation into the case?

There are two prominent women leaders in the governing council of TERI – Ms. Naina Lal Kidwai and Ms. Leena Srivastava besides the great man Deepak Parekh of HDFC fame. My question is to all of them, why bring this man back? Whatever be his contribution, it seems he has been found guilty of sexual harassment in the internal investigations at TERI, so why bring him back ? Don’t we have anyone who is smarter or better? I read somewhere that Ms. Kiran Majumdar Shaw quit the governing council as she didnt want to get dragged into this contentious issue – Ma’am, an appeal to you – don’t quit, help in unveiling the truth. Is Dr. Pachauri a sexual molester ? If yes, the prison should be his grave given his advanced years and if no, give him back all the titles and by all means re-instate him permanently, make him immortal.

Who will bell this particular cat ? Any and all of the above have the opportunity and the means to do it – but who will be the hero ? or have we just lost all spine and are afraid to stand up for what is right and insist on finding what is right ? …. Terribly sad.

Sorry, my soldier brothers and sisters, you do protect some scum along with millions of grateful citizens. 🙁


6 thoughts on “Executive VICE Chair-man indeed !!”

  1. Misery of our country where power and connections speak louder, very well expressed ! Who says our country is “Intolerant”, the “pseudo industry leaders” are showing all compassion and tolerance towards the “Executive Vice Chairman”, one of the finest example of a tolerant nation and a civilized society.

  2. Well Said Bindu Krishnan . I Would Request You To Please Start A Petition Addressed To The Govt Of India And All The So Called Trustees Or Whatever You Call Them To Just Kick This Lecher Out Of TERI Immediately. Do It Bindu PLEASE. Roop Kaul

  3. Leena is a protege of Pachauri . She was made chancellor of TERI university courtesy Dr Pachauri. While I worked for the Govt she would come to DOPT seeking the Govt’s support for in service one year Public Policy Programme . We stalled in our time but heard that they managed the permission thereafter !


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