The disconnected organisations…

Over the last couple of weeks I have had to face the consequences of two organisations functioning in a disconnected way, for whom I was a customer until recently.

First, Future Generali India with whom we had insured our Skoda Yeti. The Yeti became a total loss vehicle in the Chennai floods of December 2015. Filed the claim with Future Generali India and got it settled to our complete satisfaction. Thanked the guy who helped us settle the claim and also his boss from their Mumbai office who was very helpful in the settlement process. In fact Bindu wrote a blog of our experience with Future Generali India, and I wrote and shared our experience on the Team BHP platform of which I am a member. All settled by the first week of 2016. Suddenly from nowhere, a few days back, I received messages from Future Generali about a survey to be done on the Yeti with the name of a surveyor mentioned. I ignored the message….obviously one team is not talking to another or the Chennai team didn’t update the status internally. 

Second, we left Chennai in the third week of January for Hyderabad. While in Chennai we had used the broadband connection of ACT. The speed and service – outstanding! I had informed them of the shift and through a chat with one of their customer care execs I even got the contact number of their Hyderabad service and got the service connected within 48 hours of reaching Hyderabad. Am now using their service happily. Suddenly from nowhere I started getting messages and mails from ACT, Chennai. While some were about the disconnection and closure of the service in Chennai, I also received a mail with an invoice for the month of February 2016. Before I could be surprised this invoice was followed by the disconnection email and a zero outstanding statement. 

These two incidents make me think and wonder as to how and why organisations are so disconnected. Within themselves. One arm of the organisation does not seem to know as to what the other is upto, inconveniencing and irritating the customers in the process. What could easily have been a customer “delight” incident is getting changed to customer “fright and flight” incident because of the disconnected organisations. Have faced similar situations with other service providers too. It’s time organisations have a serious look at their customer facing system and processes, engage with their customers through focus group discussions and take corrective measures ASAP. Otherwise, you may lose a delighted customer without even realising why you lost. 

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