Insane world … And we are intelligent ??

There are two graphics that show what a mad world we have created through our so called genius…. One is validated, the other is a bit exaggerated but drives home the point. 

This is the validated graphic and it speaks volumes. Am no subscriber to the Robin Hood policy that all these 85 people must distribute their wealth amongst the 3.5 billion poorest and make the world uniformly poor … But this scale of inequality is staggering. What the 85 need to do is educate, and teach the poorest how to earn well and create more employment opportunities. 

Now the next graphic that is not validated and the numbers are exaggerated. 

$1735 billion was spent on war and arms buildup not just war and $135 billion will not do much to alleviate poverty leave alone eradicate it… But, the graphic clearly shows where our priorities lie. We are so busy protecting territories that we really put no effort in helping people out of their poverty and the vicious cycle is self perpetuating, because the poorest are easily drafted into terrorism, petty crime and all that we need policing for. 

Please do mull over these two graphics and let’s not kid ourselves about how intelligent we are – the day human beings will be an intelligent race is when these two graphics become irrelevant. Till then we are erect apes, plotting our own downfall, regressing and behaving worse than our four legged cousins. What a shame !

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