The soul is eternal, so is plastic !!

Man has actually surpassed God and for those who don’t believe in “a” God, man has surpassed nature. Wow – Man is greater than God/Nature. We have managed to create something that will remain forever, undying, forever young – the wonderful substance called plastic. Plastic bags have pervaded every pore of our bodies, EVERY DARNED THING is wrapped in plastic. Everywhere you turn you are surrounded by plastic !! The keys that I am using on the keyboard to type this blog too is plastic, as is my spectacle frame, as is the milk that I poured out to make tea – packed in a polythene/plastic bag.

#TheChennaiFloods were as much because of the Govt.’s mistake as every Chennai citizen’s mistake. Every shop you go to, has a stash of plastic bags and will wrap everything you buy in one and hand it to you. Its almost a reflex action for most shop keepers. Some have even advertised that they don’t charge you extra for the plastic bag so you should buy from them.  Water comes in 200 ml polythene pouches, besides the plastic jars and plastic bottles of different sizes. The modern microwave cooking has introduced food grade plastic and thats another collection !

This is a beautiful river, right ? Many Chennaites won’t believe its the famous Coovum river. They have never seen water in it for several decades. It had degenerated into a drain/sewer/dumping ground. The one and only benefit of the torrential rains in Nov and Dec, plus the Chennai floods is that this river has been cleaned out – the water is clean, the channels all cleared… what 1000s of crores couldn’t do in decades got done in a few days by Nature. Now the test is can we keep it clean ? See the picture below –

Its sickening trash thats just tossed over by passersby on the banks of Coovum …. and all wrapped in plastic ! All of it will outlast the living river and also ensure they outlast 10 of your succeeding generations, who may well be plastic men and women because the skin would have degenerated by then and we will all be part human part machine with plastic parts – thats a scary reality.

We are concerned with just our comfort and soon there will be no world to feel comfortable in …. whats so difficult about carrying a bag to the grocers, or super market or departmental store ? Why is it below your status to be carrying a cloth bag and eat with a stainless steel spoon and wash your steel plate ?? Steel lasts forever too and is healthy, recyclable, is made into beautiful utensils.


I don’t know who said this, but its so true … I keep reading this every few days and I guess everyone must read it every few days. Here are two more pictures.

plastic 3

This is not a dumping yard nor a large dustbin, its an empty plot that belongs to someone who has not yet built his/her house on it. The entire street feels its their right to use it as a large trash bin !! This is in the IIT colony of Pallikaranai and just a couple of days after the Chennai floods. Don’t miss the generous helping of plastic bags and bottles of all sizes. Swachh Bharat be damned. 🙁

plastic 2

This is a picture of a pipe on the side of the road that leads to the storm drain … since its not covered, people throw trash because its convenient. The harmless looking white plastic bag will clog this very same drain when rain pours or water overflows and it will block the water from flowing into the storm drain and cause flooding – there is a mountain of plastic bags that each Mami and Mama of Chennai have happily thrown out that has blocked drains everywhere. A stellar role each of us has played in the Chennai floods. I am told by the shop keepers that they cannot stop handing out plastic bags because people won’t purchase from them. What will happen if every shop refuses to hand out plastic bags? People still have to eat !! So they will bring their own bags.

Please spread the word, campaign everywhere, especially in schools. The mountains of plastic that we are creating WILL bury us. If the Govt bans just one thing, it will do a world of good to the environment – ban plastic bags. If any shop keeper hands out a plastic bag, levy a heavy fine, or take some stringent action. This cannot be done by citizen groups – everyone is guilty and changing the behaviour of millions is impossible. Himachal Pradesh and am told Sikkim have banned plastic bags – we know that Himachal Pradesh has implemented it exceptionally well. I wrote earlier about it when we visited Himachal in April 2015 – Living without plastic bags … Plastic anything. Krishnan has written more recently on it – Lessons learnt or never going to be learnt?.

We carry cloth bags with us to purchase everything, I re-use all the plastic bags from the groceries to put vegetables and fruit in the fridge and keep washing them and reusing them, have stopped lining the garbage bin with a plastic bag, and yes composting the organic stuff.

Let just our souls remain eternal … plastic where needed as automobile parts etc is still ok, but plastic bags is a no-no. This is not a Chennai only issue – this is across India. I just highlighted Chennai because we are here right now and the Chennai floods happened.

#SayNotoPlasticbags #TheChennaiFloods #SwachhBharat

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  1. How true, how true. “Plastic: A Toxic Love Story,” by Susan Freinkel, is a powerful, highly readable book about the history and story of plastic, including the plastic “T-shirt bags”. I have reviewed it on my blog.

    I also shop with re-usable bags, some of which I’ve designed and made myself. I keep a stash in the trunk of my car, put wallet in bag, and collect groceries in bag, dump it on counter, grab wallet before they can scan it, and put groceries back in after they are scanned. It saves time, money, and waste, because I avoid heavily packaged items and don’t buy more than I need. (A photo of bags on my blog, too.)

    I don’t believe in regulation or more taxation by government. After all, the plastics industry couldn’t have gotten so big without significant government help. Locally, I’ve been talking up the idea of individual entrepreneurs making and selling designer re-usable bags, maybe with business logos. Your local businesses might like the idea of offering alternatives to plastic, such as their own bags, in a pro-active move to beat the government to the punch.

    The local grocery stores sell re-usables (if you can find them), but most of them are (guess what?) plastic. I’ve polled cashiers about what percentage of people use re-usables, and the numbers range from 5% at Kroger to 35% at Publix. Piggly Wiggly, before it went out of business locally, used to give a 5-cent discount for using re-usables, to me a better incentive than government regulation.

    Finally, I take my re-usable (metal) coffee cup wherever I go and get the 10-cent discounts on coffee at Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, and local coffee shops.

    Thanks for the post. I think plastics are a far greater problem than CO2 and greenhouse gasses. The latter are part of the natural life-cycle, but as you so appropriately state, plastics aren’t.


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