Tonight’s sky has a bright star – RIP Vijaya Mami

Dearest Mami, 

You never rested more than necessary in all your 80+ years and even as you travel to your eternal abode and become a twinkling star, I doubt if you will rest more than necessary. My first phone conversation with you was from Manipal Hospital in Bangalore … When Appa was there as a patient. It never felt like I was speaking to you for the first time… It was as if we knew each other very well and had forgotten to introduce ourselves in this life. Dad’s potassium levels stopped fluctuating after your prescription and our faith in your philosophy too stopped fluctuating right at that moment. From November 2008 to this day, we think of you first as we eat a handful of dried fruit to start our day … And through the day, as we have our fruit heavy breakfast or drink lemon juice after lunch or as I hold Amma back from pouring more oil into the pan. Almost everyday, Amma will say “Mami has allowed me to do this” for some extra oil and I will tell her “no way” and so on … 

You touched so many lives and so many people are living healthy lives because of you – you were a true rockstar. 

When Kabir sent the Whatsapp message about your departure, we felt a deep personal loss as did Kabir. You were family, you were an idol and in many ways for me, you were an alter ego. I have so many memories .. Of you sitting at our house in Gurgaon and asking a severely diabetic friend of ours to eat Mangoes and the look of shock on his face or your classic reaction when Anupam couldn’t understand your instructions and ate some khichadi :):) or the way you would say “I am behaving myself” in Tamil when I would ask you how you were. I came to pick you up at the Bangalore airport in Dec 2008 after Appa had passed away without having seen a picture of yours and we just knew each other right away. Oh and I can never forget Krishnan and I polishing off all the goodies you brought with you !!

Your philosophy of nourishing the body with pure organic vegetarian food is the only way to lead a healthy life and your work will continue through your students and your daughters. Have no doubt …. Celebrate their success in your inimitable style and bless their efforts because the Earth needs your philosophy to survive. 

For me personally, till yesterday, you were a phone call away… Today you are a thought away. Love you and celebrating your life everyday by living in health. 

RIP Dr. Vijaya Venkat, founder of The Health Awareness Centre. 

I can see your smile Mami :). 

Amma, Bindu and Krishnan 

5 thoughts on “Tonight’s sky has a bright star – RIP Vijaya Mami”

  1. RIP Vijay Mami. You taught us respect for Mother Nature. Your passion is engraved in my heart! Love you always

  2. Dr. Vijaya Venkat or Aunty as I called You.

    ” Between Us And Forever ”

    Dear Aunty,

    Am Sorry for not turning out to be your trusted one..
    Hoping though, to continue in your shown path of wisdom !

    Your zest, Your passion, even Your anger for my well being..
    Has touched me in so many ways, that I am even Alive, its’ amazing !

    Would You shout, scream or just abuse me in your next phone call..
    Is something I will now never get to guess, but shall fondly recall !

    Your no-nonsense attitude, Your shining utmost honesty..
    Towards all people, made me hold You in sheer brilliance and dignity !

    I love You Aunty and will forever cherish Your Cosmic Existence..
    For I can say with pride : “You Were The One Who Really-Really Made A Difference” !!

    Rahegi Banke Dua Aapki Rooh Saada, Bande Ko Yeh Sabak Samjhaane Ke Liye..

    Qudrat Ki Ibaadat, Qudrat Se Dosti, Mein Hain Maujood Sab Wo Tak Mukqammal, Tujhe Zindaa Rakhne ke Liye..

  3. So sorry to hear of her passing, Bindu

    I know you were very close to her. While I never met her, the countless conversations we’ve had about her thoughts remain with me. Lots of love


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  4. Yes Bindu, could do lots with her warm Hug and Blessings… What a Dame.. Radiant!! # Teacher # Gratitude


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