Aadi-Anant missed because “Gaadis”-Anant

We should have been on our way back now from Shilpa Kala Vedika, Hi-Tech city, but we are safely sitting at home and am writing this blog :). I had booked for Niladri Kumar’s Sitar concert a week back and even put it on our calendar so we don’t forget. The only thing I forgot … Read more Aadi-Anant missed because “Gaadis”-Anant

Book reviews – Shiro Ninja and Whiskey Beach

I just completed re-reading Eric Van Lustbader’s “Shiro Ninja”. I have read the entire Nicholas Linnear series -Ninja, The Miko, Kaisho, and Floating City. When we cleared our shelves of all the fiction books, and gave away nearly a 100 titles to our condominium library in Gurgaon, all of Eric Van Lustbader’s books went there. … Read more Book reviews – Shiro Ninja and Whiskey Beach

Engineers under-engineer employment :(

I read this news item a couple of days back in Hindustan Times. Am yet to recover from the shock. Disbelief, really. Way back in the seventies, even in the early to mid eighties, if you were a graduate in arts, science or commerce with a first division (above 60%), some decent looks and an … Read more Engineers under-engineer employment 🙁

The burden of ‘follow ups’

Bindu and I started on our ShikshaDaan Yatra almost a year ago. The purpose of the Yatra is to meet with our stakeholders in the higher education space, understand their varying needs and challenges, and come up with a model that can meet our ambitious goals.  In these eleven months since we started our Yatra, … Read more The burden of ‘follow ups’